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Are you bored of playing games on one of the biggest platforms to play games called Roblox? Do not ever get bored again with the exciting Roblox quiz to keep you company. This Roblox quiz will take you one step closer to being the master of the game quiz world.

For those who play outside or play monopoly or cards when it rains, then the Roblox quiz is meant for you. Please take the quiz and read every single question well so you can complete everything and can get the high score.

1. Do you have a sk8r haton Roblox?

a. No.
b. I don’t know, I never check. I guess I am too lazy.
c. Yes. Who doesn’t?
d. Who do you think I am?
e. I hate this quiz.

2. Who is the most popular person on Roblox right now?

a. Telamon
b. Whone
c. TheFurryFox
d. Builderman

3. In step 1 of Roblox Trainer, what did you have to build?

a. Build a car
b. Build a model
c. Build a house
d. Build a box

4. What is Roblox?

a. Awesome game site
b. Cool site
c. Easy site
d. A gaming site for builder, exploration, and more

5. When did Roblox created?

a. 2011
b. 2005
c. 2008
d. 2006

6. What gun would you use among the guns on Phantom Forces?

a. Remington 700
b. Kriss Vector
c. Honey Badger
d. FAL 50.00

7. Based on your knowledge in the platform called Roblox, out of this list, who do you think is by far the most popular person?

a. Roblox
b. Builderman
c. Telamon
d. Brayden99
e. SonicthehedgehogXX

8. When you first get on Roblox, who is your first friend?

a. Builderguy
b. Builderman
c. Builderdude

9. Who is the main person of Roblox?

a. Stealth Pilot
b. Roblox
c. Telamon
d. Clockwork
e. Thire360

10. Is Roblox good?

a. Really good
b. OK
c. Excellent
d. It is crap

11. Who is the sister of Luke Skywalker in The Cloud Assassin?

a. A jawa
b. Darth Vader
c. Princess Ieia
d. Princess Amadala
e. Other

12. Who is says there anonymous?

a. Clockwork
b. Her0z
c. John Doe and Jane Doe
d. Fleskajerta

13. What is Delta Airlines?

a. #1 airlines in Roblox
b. #2 airlines in Roblox
c. #3 airlines in Roblox

14. When did your story originated?

a. During high school days
b. In the isolated realm
c. Normally put with their own friends
d. A spirit from the foreign planet
e. In the mountain temple
f. Met their friends in the city, where it all started

15. What is your music choice?

a. Rap metal
b. Vocaloid
c. Dubstep
d. Soft pop

Some answers of the questions above are able to be found on Roblox, while some are based on your situation of preference so there is no actual correct answer. Please complete everything well and see how much you really know about the platform called Roblox.

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