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If you are Roblox players who do not have a lot of Robux or even you do not Robux at all, then you surely will go for Robux giveaway and any other free Robux event. Well, it is normal to join events for free Robux because Robux is important thing in Roblox since it is a main currency in the platform. If you do not have Robux, it will be worse.

As Roblox players, you surely know how to get Robux legally. Here they are.

  • You are able to get Robux if you buy it in Robux page through your browser, mobile and Xbox One apps.
  • You are able to get Robux if you have membership. By having membership, you will get daily Robux.
  • You are able to get Robux if you sell pants, shirts and place access. But, to be able to sell these things, you need to have membership.
  • You are able to get Robux if you sell game passes. Selling game passes does not require membership but if you do not have membership and then you sell game passes, the percentage of the profit that you will get will be smaller.

So, it is recommended for you to have membership to get more advantages including more Robux that you can get.

Now, how about Robux giveaway which is open? You are able to join with some giveaway to get Robux. Where can we join? Usually, some Roblox Youtubers hold this event. There are some Youtubers who hold Robux giveaway live on their Youtube channel. To know when they do it, you need to subscribe them or follow their twitter accounts. They will announce it and then you will get notified when they do giveaway.

Next, the thing that you can do to know when a Robux giveaway open is joining some servers in Discord. In Discord, there are some servers which do giveaway for Robux. You are able to find the servers and then try to join. When they do a giveaway, they will announce or open it so that everyone can join including you. There are servers which do daily giveaway, weekly giveaway, and even there are servers who do giveaway once in a while. Just wait. But, when you join a giveaway, it does not mean that you will win 100%. However, you have the same chance with others to win it. So, do not give up!

You can also know where you can join giveaway for Robux is from joining a groups or forum. In some groups that you can find in Roblox, they like doing giveaway. So, make sure that you join the right groups and when they do giveaway, make sure that you join it. Forum can also be your source to know who, when and where giveaway for Robux can be joined. As we all know that Forum is a place for everyone to share and discuss information. So, you can join some forums and find the thread about Robux giveaway.

Note that when you join a giveaway, you have to be careful. It is because sometimes there are fake giveaways that only want to scam you.

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