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In the world of Roblox Wizard, the spells are known as the actions that use patronus as the source of magic. In order to cast the spell, you say the name of the spell while holding the wand and click on the target. If you own enough patronus to cast it, the wand will shoot the projectile. If that one hits the target successfully or specific actions happen such as Lumos, Aguamenti or Nox, the spell will be done. However, if the target is another wizard and they block it by pressing Q, your spells will clash.

The list of Roblox Wizard spells is organized by Source. It means they are based off where you are able to find them, and not by their ability. The Roblox Wizard spells are divided into some. The first one is spell book spells. Those spells are spells that you are able to find in the spell book. You are able to find those spells along with some Galleon store spells.

Here are the spells book spells:

  1. Aguamenti (cash the stream of water from the wand)
  2. Anteoculatia (produces antlers on the victim)
  3. Ascendio (used to launch ones self into the air)
  4. Ascendre (the spell used to launch the object into the air)
  5. Episkey (heal another spellcaster for 25 hitpoints)
  6. Expecto Patronum (used o cast the Patronus)
  7. Expelliarmus (used to disarm another wizard)
  8. Lumos (produces the light source from the tip of the casters wand)
  9. Normalo (used to reverse the effects of Reducio and Enlargo)
  10. Nox (used to turn off lights)
  11. Orbis (used to suck the target into the ground)
  12. Orchideous (produces flowers)
  13. Stupefy (stunning spell)
  14. Periculum (when used the caster sends sparks out of the wand)

The second one is Galleon store spells. Those spells are spells that are able to be found in the Galleon store. In order to use all of them, you will have to buy them for Galleons. Here is the Galleon store spells:

  1. Apparate
  2. Avada Kedavra
  3. Avifors
  4. Bubblify
  5. Crucio
  6. Enlargo
  7. Everte Statum
  8. Expulso
  9. Glacious
  10. Imperio
  11. Incendio
  12. Levicorpus
  13. Reducio
  14. Rockfors
  15. Sectumsempra

The third one is Point Store spells. Those are spells that you are able to find in the Point Store. In order to use them, you will need to buy them for Points. The Point Store spell is Flight (fly around as the black smoke).

The fourth one is Arena spells. Those are spells that you are able to find or earn in the PVP Arena. Currently, the mode is closed for the public and there are no known spells that you are able to get from there.

The fifth one is the other spells. Those are spells that are able to be found anywhere. The community found all of them by doing some trial and error with Harry Potter spells. Those are Flight, Homenum Revello, Stupefy, and Tarantallegra.

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