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As we know that on Roblox there are many accessories, one of them is wings. Of course, there are some variations of Roblox wings you can get and use to custom your avatar. If you are looking for Roblox wings code, so you are able to keep staying on this page as here we are going to share them.

Usually, you are able to get wings on Roblox by buying it for amount Robux. For example, if you want to get Sparkling Angel Wings, you are able to purchased it for 1,000 Robux. There are also some wings on Roblox that you can get during an event as a reward. In a case, you are able to get Rainbow Wings of Imagination as a prize during the Roblox Imagination (2018) event.

Well, here in the text below, we have a list of Roblox Wings codes.

  • Brown wings: 409739014
  • Black Wings: 21571959
  • Butterfly Wings: 12475410
  • White wings: 192557913
  • 8-Bit Wings: 50777924
  • Bat Wings: 19399858
  • Colourful wings: 335080396
  • Blue wings: 212947242
  • Cobalt Wings: 55386973
  • Commander Cardinal: 32347621
  • Commander Crow’s Wings: 13355385
  • Commander Starling: 45673328
  • Crimson Wings: 40973901
  • Black 8-Bit Wings: 14584071
  • Black and white wings: 493489765
  • Orange wings with features: 409739014
  • Tosca wings with golden features: 356211143
  • Cybernetic Wings: 11607371
  • Deluxe Bat Wings: 30228148
  • Demon Skeleton Wings: 13355400
  • Faerie Wings: 19399896
  • Golden Fairy of Autumn: 30040693
  • Great Detective Cape: 54905101
  • Heroic Golden Wings: 33507918
  • Firebrand Wings: 12816062
  • Flying Nightmare: 12815876
  • Frozen Wings: 13675861
  • Gargoyle Wings: 12050720
  • Giant Bombastic Wings: 43994408
  • Gilded Wings of Glory: 25040553
  • Gold Mechaknight Wings: 55705848
  • Ladybug Wings: 69778484
  • Pink and yellow wings: 300406937
  • Blue wings (Form of the wings are sharp): 557057917
  • Wings (which are like butterfly wings): 119916756
  • Wings (which are like snow): 330294650
  • Wings (which are like dry leaves): 300409223

Well, the text above is a list of Roblox Wings codes. Now, you are able to try to use one by one of the Roblox wings above by entering the codes and then select the one which you like. In other case, if there are no one that you like from Roblox wings above, so you are able to buy other wings in the catalog of Roblox and select the one which is interesting for you.

Talking about Roblox wings, you may also will find some decal that have name “wings” including Shiny Wings and Free Wings. To more detail, you are able to see its explanation below.

  • Shiny Wings

This one was published by Batman200lol. It is categorized into a decal and the Roblox ID for this item is 239565556. The last updated was on April 19th, 2015.

  • Free Wings

This one was published by IIXLoliPopXII. This item was updated on April 11th, 2013. It is free and it is categorized into a decal. The Roblox ID of this item is 111236652.

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