Roblox Toys Series 3

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Roblox Toys can be defined as the physical real life small collectible mini figures and playsets based on various popular Roblox characters, developers and users. Each of them is created by the company named Jazwares. All of them come with the unique code that can be redeemed for the special exclusive item.

There are a lot of collections of Roblox Toys. Every collection comes with some series. For instance, Multipack has some series. One of them is Roblox Toys Series 3. What is Roblox Toys Series 3? Roblox Toys Series 3 is the name of the third batch that was released around January 2018. Here is the list of Roblox Toys Series 3.

  • A Normal Elevator Doorman: In the description, it is said that there is no telling what awaits beyond the doors of The Normal elevator. This one could be the desert, the spooky factory, the basketball court, or the fabric of reality itself. The thing called Roblox developer NowDoThe HarlemShake will make sure to take you to the unpredictable adventure in the unique experience. You can just ask the doorman as he has seen some things. The virtual code item of A Normal Elevator Doorman is A Normal Doorman’s Cap.
  • Assassin: Assassin was born and raised in the world of the eternal strife. This one is the fiery warrior that was inspired by the popular fighting game of prisman named Assassin. The character lurks in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike his prey. No matter where you hide, he will find you, unless you find him first. The virtual code item of Assassin is Squinty Assassin F
  • Billy the Swag Dealer: Billy has got swag for days. He wants to sell you some of his most powerful gear, like the invisibility Cloak and Grapple Hook. He has lived for centuries, scavenging whether mystical treasures he could find from the deepest craters of Robloxia. You can see for yourself in the smash hit of Berezza called Azure Mines. The virtual code item of Billy the Swag Dealer is Swag Cloak and Cowl.
  • Bloxburg Car Salesman: Are you looking for the car? If the answer to the question is yes, you can come on down to Mike’s Motors. He has big cars, little cars, fast cars, every type of car all at low and low prices. You will not able to find the better deal anywhere else in Bloxburg. You can bring your friends and the friends of your friends and come buy the car today in the roleplaying game of Coeptus named Welcome to Bloxburg. The virtual code item of Bloxburg Car Salesman is Slick Salesman Hair.

Some of the things included in Roblox Toys Series 3 are Captain Hoover, Deathrunner Wsly, Design It Winner, Dinosaur Simulator: Paleontologist, Elemental Warrior: Lightning, Epic Minigamer TypicalType, High School Life Lunchlady, and many more. If you want to know the details of them, you can visit the official website of Jazwares or Wiki.

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