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Do you have a plan to make your Roblox avatar looks cooler? There are some ways to get such a cool look. For those who love animals, you might want to make your Roblxo avatar looks cooler with the essence of animal. One of the animals that represent the coolness is tiger. Don’t you think so?

In Roblox, there are a lot of items with tiger image on it. One of the best options is the tiger Gucci shirt. The tiger can make something cooler and more fierce while Gucci can make everything looks expensive. If you are interested with this idea, here are some Roblox tiger Gucci shirt that you can consider:

Name: Gucci Tiger Shirt

Creator: Fanjoy Clothing

Updated: November 23, 2017 by CrustPokemon

Price: R$ 5

Roblox ID: 1196342978

Description: This shirt consists of black and yellow color. Basically, everything is black, except for the stripes at the sides and the tiger image in the front.

Name: Girls Savage Tiger Gucci Shirt @RoxyBluesDesigns

Creator: Roxy Blues Designs

Updated: June 29, 2019 by roxyBlue35

Price: R$ 5

Roblox ID: 2896353498

Description: This item is really unique. The shirt is dominated by the soft pink color. What makes it looks unique is the head tiger image with a word “Savage” written below it. the color and the image are contrast.

Name: Tiger Cotton Gucci Shirt

Creator: Data_Excel

Updated: January 03, 2017

Price: The item is not currently for sale.

Roblox ID: 598909417

Description: The color of the shirt is black. There is a tiger head in the front and a sentence on top and below the tiger image.

Name: Team Jovani Tiger Gucci Shirt

Creator: Jovani

Updated: December 30, 2017 by XRVZ1

Price: R$ 5

Roblox ID: 1283597405

Description: Just like the third one, the color of this shirt is also black. Basically, everything is the same as the third one from the color to the design. What makes it slightly different is the words written. This one has both “jovani” and “Gucci” written between the tiger image.

Name: Blue and White Tiger Gucci Shirt

Creator: Keiron

Updated: June 18, 2018 by iKeiron

Price: R$ 10

Roblox ID: 1951642187

Description: It is a stripped shirt with blue and white color dominating the shirt. In the front, there is an image of the tiger head.

Name: Gucci Tiger Embroidered Bowling Shirt

Creator: Infamous’ Homestore

Updated: November 01, 2017 by n0dnarb

Price: R$ 9

Roblox ID: 1147024981

Description: The main color of the shirt is blue sky. However, there are some other colors like yellow, green, and red. The design and the combination of the colors look like a Chinese traditional cloth.

For more information about the Roblox tiger Gucci shirt, do not forget to go to the official website of Roblox. Aside from Roblox tiger Gucci shirt, you are able to find the other Gucci products like pants, T-shirts, bags, belt, and so on. Do not hesitate to make a visit.

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