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The Middle is known as the song by the Russian German record producer named Zedd featuring the American country music singer named Maren Morris and the American musical duo Grey. This one was written by Sarah Aarons, Zedd, Grey, and The Monsters and the Strangerz with the production handled by the latter three.

On January 23, 2018, The Middle was released commercially for the digital download by Interscope Records. This one has reached the top ten of the charts in the US, the UK, and some other countries. It was even nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Pop Duo or Group Performance at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. The song is one of the best hits as everyone can relate to the story of someone who is trying to find the compromise between her and the lover in order to save the relationship.

If you love this hit named The Middle and want to have it featured on Roblox, now everything is possible with the help of the feature to add audio offered by Roblox. In order to use this kind of feature, you have to find out the Roblox ID of The Middle first. You can get one by visiting some sites that provide the Roblox ID such as Music Coder and Roblox ID. In order to make everything faster, please type “the middle” as the keyword and you will be able to see the result upon hitting the enter or Search button.

Apparently, the Roblox ID of the song named The Middle by Zedd featuring Marin Morris and Grey is 1836863843. Aside from that Roblox ID, there are some other Roblox IDs related to The Middle. Some other ones are 1602476151, 1573802696, and 1493617103. 1602476151 is the Roblox ID for the remix version of The Middle. The remix was done by Kayvian Trap. 1573802696 is the Roblox ID of another remix of The Middle. This one is by Fabian Mazu. 1493617103 is the Roblox ID for the mash up of The Middle with another hit by Zedd named Stay. This mash up is really interesting and will give you a new feeling. For those who love both masterpiece, you can use this Roblox ID to have the mash up featured in Roblox.

Beside the song The Middle, you might also interested in the other songs by Zedd. If you want to know the Roblox IDs of the songs by Zedd, some of them are 1571636164 (Zedd featuring Alissia Cara (Nightcore version)), 561634247 (Beautiful Now featuring Jon Bellion (Cochu Remix)), 152156833 (Spectrum featuring Matthew Koma (remix version)), 512159422 (Ignite), 213431230 (Stay The Night featuring Hayley Williams), 907917843 (Get Low featuring Liam Payne), and so on. For more Roblox ID of the song by Zedd and by the other singers, you can visit some sites like Roblox ID and Music Coder. Go find the song that suitable for your Roblox game or character and enjoy playing games on Roblox.

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