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If you like playing Horror games, what kind of horror game do you like to play? Do you like playing Nullxiety? If you like playing this game, one of the reasons of why you are here is maybe because you need the Morse Code answer. So, let’ find out about it here.

This game is a parallel universe and here something controls this universe. They are selecting the strongest players for the experiment and you have to be able to pass their trials. You need to know that almost everything in the game is randomized.

In this game, there are some badges that you are able to obtain and those are:

  • Participate In The Experiment

You can get it by joining the game.

  • Supporter

You can get it by donating money to the game creator.

  • Start The Experiment

You can get it by waiting 30 seconds in the start room and let experiment #0 start.

  • Find Me

You can get it by finding the button that unlocks the vent.

  • Trapped with creator

You can get it by meeting the game creator in the game.

  • Demo

You can get it by beating the game in the demo stage.

  • Find Me

You can get it by finding the generator and turn it on.

  • Decrypter

You can get it by entering the code correctly.

  • Accepted

You can get it by being one of the strongest players in Roblox.

  • The One

You can get it by finding secret and you are not anybody else.

  • and some other badges.

This game was created by Nullxiety on August 24th, 2019 and when this article was being created, the last update was on February 6th, 2020. This game can be played by 100 maximum players in each server and now it has been visited more than 3 million times with more than 54k favorites. This game is categorized into Adventure genre so if you like adventure you are able to try playing this game.

You are able to watch the video teaser of this game on Youtube entitled Nullxiety [Isolator 2]. You can also watch the walkthrough of this game on a video of DeleteFalcon entitled Nullxiety – Full Walkthrough | Roblox and a video of Secret Games entitled Nullxiety – Full Playthrough – Roblox (Isolator 2).

How about the Morse Code answer of this game? You are able to use the to decode the code. It is important to know that there are letters and numbers under the tall pile of papers. So, you are able to use that for decoding. To know the morse code, you are also able to join Reddit. Visit that forum and there you will find a thread about it. Hopefully, you are able to find the morse codes that you are looking for and you are able to be succeed in the game.

So, you are able to try the methods that we give to you go find the morse codes for the Nullxiety games that you are playing and good luck.

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