Roblox Health Script V3rmillion (Infinite)

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Searching script sometimes is not an easy thing to do. However, there are some websites that you can use for searching scripts such as Paste Bin and V3rmillion. V3rmillion is a forum where you are able to sharing about anything including Roblox scripts. If you are looking for script, usually there are some people who share it in v3rmillion

V3rmillion can be accessed at This site is a community forum which is about Programming and Gaming.  This forum is served to the conversation of many topics in and out of the programming world. Usually, you are able to find anything in this forum. One of the things that you can find is script. If you are looking for Health Script for Roblox which is infinite in this forum, you are able to find it. In, there is a thread entitled Fe Infinite Health script and a user shared the script of it. Here is the script.

mt = getrawmetatable(game)

old = mt._index


mt._index = function(t,k)

if k == “Health” then

return math.huge


return old (t,k)


There is a note of this script that it can only work if you get damage from a LocalScript for example it will permit you to be able to breathe underwater in games but you are not able to avoid getting hit by a sword and things like that.

You are able to use this script if you need it. However, you can see in some other comments about this script in the forum that this script does not work on free exploits. There is also person who says that this script does not work in PhotoSmasher. To prove this script can work with you or not, you are able to try it by yourself. If you need more information about this script such as what kind of exploit you can use, you are able to visit v3rmillion site, find this thread and then give your questions or comments there.

As we mentioned earlier that another place that you are able to use for finding script besides V3rmillion is So, if you cannot find script for Roblox in v3rmillion, you are able to try to access This site can be used by people to save any text for easy sharing. Mainly, this site is used by programmers to save pieces of sources code or configuration information. However, it does not mean that other professions cannot use it. Anyone can paste any type of text here. For your information, the reason behind making pastebin site is to make it more convenient for people to share big amounts of text online.

If you have any scripts that you think that the scripts can be useful for people, you are also able to share it on pastebin or v3rmillion website. You do not need to be worried about payments because these two websites are free to use. Even in V3rmillion you are able to ask anything that you do not understand especially about programming and games.

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