Roblox Hats with Special Abilities

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As we know that a hat is an accessory which the players of Roblox wear on their head. It is possible to wear one to three hats in every category at the same time without the use of Advanced Mode. Based on the research, before accessories were introduced in 2016s, every accessory was considered as a hat. Because several accessories need to be attached to different parts of Robloxian bodies, so this caused problems with animations, Hats are able also to have Comments on them if the creator allows it.

Before the implementation of wearing multiple hats, the Roblox players were able to find glitches which allowed them to wear multiple hats. They were respectively named a Double Hat Glitch (DHG), Triple Hat Glitch (THG), etc. Depend on how many hats were being worn by a player. For your information, the Triple Hat Feature was implemented on June 8, 2010. It was added as a way for the players to wear up to three hats without needing to use a user made program. Before the accessory update, the players could even wear up to five hats by using glitches; an example being TheNexusAvenger. In 2016s, the hats were changed to accessories that allowed the players to wear up to eight accessories.

Talking about hat, you may open this page to find out the information about Hats in Roblox with special abilities. It means that you are looking for the Roblox hats with special effects. The items with special effects are the items which emit special effects including sparkle, fire, smoke, unique visual effects and sound effects. Well, in this article we are going to share one of Roblox hats with special abilities. It is Boss White Hat. It is a hat that was published on August 6, 2012 into the catalog of Roblox by Roblox. Like the Red Banded Top Hat, this Boss White hat is used to reward players which report glitches and vulnerabilities with the Roblox client. The players who report more serious faults, such as security vulnerabilities or exploits, are going to receive the Boss White Hat, while the players who report less serious glitches are going to receive the Red Banded Top Hat.

Apparently, there are multiple versions of the Boss White Hat which are given for subsequent reporting of major faults within the Roblox client. They include the Blue Banded Boss White Hat, Red Banded Boss White Hat, Binary Banded Boss White Hat, Purple Banded Boss White Hat, and the Gold Sparkle Time Banded Boss White Hat. All of these fedoras display a Sparkle effect in-game which matches the color of the band.

We get information that there are many Roblox players who owned this Boss White Hat. Here are some Roblox players who have been rewarded with the Boss White Hat.

  • Seranok
  • mustyoshi
  • Luc599345
  • nate890
  • Astroparticle
  • RenderSettings
  • popinman322
  • ColorfulBody
  • booing
  • nairod7
  • mew903
  • jasonfish4
  • Cuyler
  • RBLXLucky
  • Lolocks
  • ostrichSized

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