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Are you looking for a group for sale? If you want to buy a group and now you are searching for a group for sale, you can do it. You can own the old group by buying it and then make the group more active and more fun than the previous owner did.

If you search groups for sale in Roblox, and then you use “groups for sale” as a keyword, you will find some results as we list below.

  • Group for Sale which was created by dragonslayerDJ1. This group has 3 member. In the description of this group, they announce some groups which are for sale. If you visit this group now, you can see that there are three group which are for sale including:
  1. FlyPariswith 31 members.
  2. French Come’s Cafeby adam6677 with 7 members.
  3. 3. Jet AUwithout any member.

But, when you visit FlyParis and Jet AU, there are notes in each group which say that the group closed. So, it seems that the announcements are out of date.

  • $Group For Sale$ which was created by AnOrdinaryAlien and it has 9 members. In this group, you can also find groups for sale. In the description of this group, you can read that they find an abandoned/ for sale groups for people and they also take ownership of them and then sell them yo people for a discount price. In addition, you can also see group purchase prices. Here they are.
  1. If the group is no owner, it is 50 R$.
  2. If the group is bought from current owner, it is 75 R$ maximum.
  3. Group logo is between 50 R$ and 10 R$.
  4. Group description is 7 R$.

If you want to buy a group through this group, you can send private message to the owner of this group and then he will help you to find a group that you can buy.

There are still more group in Roblox which offer you a help to find a group for sale. So, you are able to try to search it by yourself. But, when you try to transaction with them, you have to make sure that they are not scam.

When you buy a group, it is better if it has a lot of members or any other beneficial things. If when you see that the group that they offer does not have any advantages for you, it is better for you to make a group by your self. If you want to make a group in Roblox, you have to follow the steps below.

  • The first step, you have to log into your Roblox account.
  • After logging in, then you have to click on Groups that you are able to find in the navigation panel to the left.
  • Then, you have to click the Create button and you can find it on the left side of the page. When you are in this page, you have to fill out the name, description, and emblem sections.

When you make the name, description and emblem, make sure that it should reflect what the group is. If you are done, now choose the accessibility of group entry in the Settings box on the right of the page. If you want to have the greatest amount of control, you can choose Manual Approval option.

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