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What do you think when you heard about game bots? Some of you may think about automatic things which happen in a game but some others do not have idea about it and they want to know about it. So, now we are going to inform you about Roblox game bots.

Based on Roblox Off Topic Wiki, ‘bots’ are Roblox accounts that automatically post on threads. Usually it is done to increase post count. Some of the bots are meant to post troll replies. Besides, ‘bots’ can also refer to message advertisement bots. It can get users from a popular game messaging them to join a group, play game or buy an asset. Actually, botting i against the Roblox rules.

For your information, there are certain bots which can count from 1 to whatever number that you put in the script. However, it can only work in a thread [iMacros]. There are also others which permit you to be able to post certain posts such as “hi”, “wassup”, “i’m a pencil” and these words are posted in random threads the user clicks on.

In Forum Games, a lot of users want to post “Lets count to #” and bot the thread until they get to that number. Generally, these types of threads are removed for spam and if you use it, you are able to get a punishment if the spam was longer lasting. It is important for you to know that the punishment can be severe. If the bot was just now begun, you will get a lesser punishment.

If we talk about punishment about using bots in Roblox, the punishments can be various and it depends on how long and how much you have been using it. If you have been using it for a long period of time, you will be able to be punished for it. But, if you have been using the bot regularly you will also get punished for it.

There were cases about it where users would even get terminated for botting and the main reason of this punishment is because they would posts “Count to threads” and just single spam their post so it could always stay on st page. LMaD and LMaD is an infamous for using bots and it is categorized into the subforum which most commonly uses bots.

In some forums such as in, there is a thread about it. In that site, a person says that bots on Roblox have the verified, bonafide cap and it is only obtainable if you confirm your e-mail. It also can mean that all those bots are made using a single e-mail but it is unlikely. One of the reason why bots are exist is because some people are too desperate to get their own stuff. The bots advertise links and then they can hack your profile to get your Robux and items.

Another person says that people use bots to get fake followers and it makes them look cooler. Sometimes they also dislike bot games to make their reputation lower and like bot games to make it popular. Also, they use bots to make a game popular with servers full of fake players.

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