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In the world of Roblxo Fortnite, the term Pop Lock emote is used to call the name of one of the epic emotes for the game called Fortnite Battle Royale. All the emotes are animations that show dance moves or gestures. Every emote animations do es not have any other function or provides any benefit to the user.

The design of the Pop Lock shows the cool dance animation and the pop music plays in the background. Compared to the other emotes of Roblox Fortnite Battle Royale, the Pop Lock animation is quite long.

Please keep in mind that this kind of epic emote named the Pop Lock is not a part of any set. It means that this one is independent. How to get this epic emote? For your information, the Pop Lock is able to be purchased in the thing called the Item Shop. How much does the Pop Lock cost? According to the website called Fortnite Skins, this one costs 800 V-bucks during its random rotation.

Here is the everything that you have to know about the Pop Lock. The description of the Pop Lock is “Lock it down”. The ID of this epic emote is EID_PopLock. The availability is released. The patch added is 4.4.0. As stated before, this one is the epic emote, so the rarity is epic. The source is Item Shop.

Pop lock dancing is the move when the character looks like a robot. The term “popping” itself is known as the street dance adapted out of the original funk styles rooted from the earlier Boogaloo movement in Oakland, California, the Robot styles in Richmond, California, the Strutting movements in San Francisco, California, and the dances of the Oak Park community of Sacramento, California that were popular through the mid 1960s to the 1970s.

Furthermore about popping, the dance is rooted through the rhythms of live funk music, and is based on the technique of quickly contracting and relaxing muscles to cause the jerk in the body of the dancer. This one referred to as the pop or the hit. This kind of move is done continuously to the rhythms of the song in the combination with the various movements and poses. Apparently, this dance was popularized by Fresbo and Long Beach based dance group named the Electric Boogaloos in which Boogaloo Sam, the one who is the key innovator of mixing popping techniques to boogaloo. Aside from that, Popping Pete and Skeeter Rabbit were also the part of the group. In order to create the more varied performance, the closely related illusory dance styles and techniques are often integrated into the popping. All the dance styles include the robot, waving and tutting. However, this popping dance is different from the breaking and locking. For locking, it can be defined as freezing from the fast movement and locking in the certain position, holding that position for the short while and then continuing at the same speed as before. Basically, the pop lock is combination of both.

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