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Recently, you probably find a game on Roblox named Creator Challenge Quiz which was created by Roblox Creator Challenge on May 21th, 2019 and last update was on June 20th, 2019. This is a special event where you are able to get virtual prizes if you are able to answer all the questions in all challenges correctly.

Roblox Creator Challenge is a promotion which is sponsored and it started on June 21th, 2019. This event in this year is sponsored by Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. It can be said that it is a successor to the Roblox Creator Challenge by Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the Roblox Winter Creator Challenge. It is same as the predecessors that the users need to use Roblox Studio and complete the lessons teaching the basics of Roblox Studio and how to finish a round-based game, in which the players imitate Godzilla and attempt to get the most points and you can get it by smashing the city. If join this event, after this step, then you have to take a quiz to review what you have learned in your lessons. It is important for you to know that there are three lessons and you have to complete each. If you have completed each, you will be rewarded one of the three prizes.

The prizes that you can get from this game are Rodan’s Head, Godzilla Spine Backpack, and Ghidorah’s Wings. If you want to get Rodan’s Head, you have to answer all the questions correctly in lesson 1. If you want to get Godzilla Spine Backpack, you have to answer all the questions correctly in lesson 2. Then, if you want to get Ghidorah’s Wings, you have to answer all the questions correctly in lesson 3.

So, here we have some questions and answers of each challenge.

Challenge 1:

  • Q: What is not considered one of the most important elements when you design a map?

A: The location for your ads

  • Q: What command is handy to use when something moves in a way you don’t want?

A: Ctrl + Z / Command x + Z

  • Q: How do you zoom the camera in and out?

A: Use a scroll-wheel or W and S

Challenge 2:

  • Q: What is playtesting?

A: Playing a game to check it’s fun and bug-free

  • Q: If Collisions are on, and then you duplicate a building. It will appear…

A: Above the original building

  • Q: What helps you get a better look at all the angles of an object in Roblox Studio?

A: The View Selector

Challenge 3:

  • Q: Custom items can be added to be destroyed for points.

A: True

  • Q: What will help players get an idea of what the game is about?

A: The game icon and thumbnail

  • Q: The thumbnail for your game can be changed …

A: in Game Settings

If you are succeed in answering all the questions, you are able to get all the prizes that we mentioned above. For your information, this event has been visited more than 7 million times with more than 56K favorites. In the game of this event, you can also get game badges including Drafting the Blueprints, World Builder and Architect of Destruction.

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