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Do you know that there are new lighting effects in Roblox? What are they? Or do you already use the lighting effect on your screen of playing Roblox? Certainly, not all Roblox players already know about the effects. Indeed, the effects can be called as the new features released by Roblox recently. So, no wonder if many Roblox players do not know yet about the effect. But, you do not worry because on this page we will share about it. Keep staying!

If you have played Roblox for long time, we guarantee that you really understand what the feature is in Roblox either default or additional feature. However, the feature on Roblox can be something important that can make the performance of Roblox more excellent and attractive to play. The feature added by Roblox can be varied starting from the internal element to external element. So, it is really reasonable if Roblox keep to launch the new feature to make Roblox better.

Recently, Roblox has launched the new feature contributing on the display of Roblox. That is a blurry effect that can make the screen of Roblox game getting blur. This effect is really awesome in which you can change the display to be invisible. It can be such a fun when you are playing Roblox. It means that you can change the screen if you feel bored on the default screen.

Based on Roblox Wiki, the Blur Effect has been added in version 0.243 inherits from PostEffect. This class enables the players to create the blurriness on the screen of Roblox. The Blur Effect works when it is placed in lighting, the effect will show for everyone. Meanwhile, if the effect is placed in a CurrentCamera, it will only show for the Local Player as well. To make the effect work, certainly you have to change the size. Indeed, the strength of Blur Effect is controlled by the Blur Effect Size. It means that bigger the size, more blurred the screen too. But, you have to know that only one BlurEffect can be applied at once.

Then, how to work the Blur Effect? Definitely, you can use the Blur Effect by following some steps below!

Step 1: Open one your favorite game in Roblox.

Step 2: Play it as usual.

Step 3: Then, choose the part of game that you want to make it blur.

Step 4: If you already choose it, you can go to the setting of lighting that you can access on the right screen of Roblox.

Step 5: Select lighting section. Then, choose the Blur Effect on the Advanced Objects under the setting.

Step 6: Set the size of blurriness. You can set the size from 1,000 – 120,000. Choose the size as you want. The size certainly will determine the blurriness of the screen at all.

Step 7: Finally, you can see that your screen is getting blur immediately.  

Besides, the Blur Effect, Roblox also have released the other lighting effect such as Bloom Effect, ColorCorrection Effect and SunRays Effect. So, if you are interested to enjoy the effect, it is time for you to set in your screen.

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