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If you have played Bloxburg, you surely enjoy all of the activities that you are able to do in that game. But, from those activities, what activity do you like the most? Some of you maybe choose creating and design house. But some others, maybe choose work and any other activities.

If you like the part of creating house in Bloxburg, you surely think about how to make mansion, what kind of mansion that you want to build and the last but not least is mansion blueprints. Blueprint can be defined as a reproduction of a technical drawing by using a contact print process on light-sensitive sheets. This thing was introduced by John Herschel in 1842. The process of blueprint was characterized by white lines on a blue background which is a negative of the original.

According to, blueprint is a guide for creating something . It can be a design or pattern that can be followed. But, the literal meaning of it is a paper which is blue with plans for a building printed on it. Now, if you need the blueprint of a mansion in Bloxburg, you can try to search it in Pinterest site. In that site, you are able to find some designs of mansion for Bloxburg that you can use as inspiration.

You can also watch some videos on Youtube. When you search Mansion blueprint for Bloxburg in Youtube, you will find some inspirational videos about making mansion in Bloxburg. Some of the videos that you can watch are:

  • ROBLOX | Bloxburg: Mountain Mansion Blueprints + Fall Decor published by Sirruh on October 4th, 2018.
  • ROBLOX | Bloxburg: Modern Mansion 202K published by Ayzria on July 28th, 2018.
  • Bloxburg | Modern 2 Story Mansion [Speed Build + Tour] published by Rushtogether on May 28th, 2018.

The other ways to get or to make blueprints, you are able to join some groups in Roblox such as Welcome to Bloxburg Mansion Builders by Kathwead which has 177 members, Bloxburg House Building by Headless_Phoenix which has 1,862 members, and Blueprint Designs by AngelTheGamer28 which has 28 members.

When you want to make a house in Bloxburg, you need to know how it look like whether it has two storey, having a backyard, having a garden, how many bedrooms, where the kitchen is, how is the family room and guest room and many more things. So, here we have some tips before you make a house in Bloxburg.

  • You need a blueprint. You can make or get a blueprint by the ways that we mentioned above. Blueprint can help you to build a house so that you have a reference.
  • Change your placement grid. Using small placement grid permits you to place items into more specific places.
  • Watch videos as reference. Same as when you search blueprint, you also need to watch some video tutorials when you want to build a house in Bloxburg so that you know the technique of making the parts of the house that you will build.
  • Buy Advanced Placing. If you by Advanced Placing gamepass, you will be permitted to build without collision checks. It will open a lot more choices to the building.

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