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Roblox always comes with a new thing. There are a lot of events and programs which were held by Roblox. In the past or maybe recently, you may have heard about Roblox Ambassador Program but you do not have idea about that. So, what is Roblox Ambassador Program? We are going to find out about it here.

Long time ago, Roblox offered gainful employment for ambassador and anyone could be an ambassador. You were able to work as little or much as you feel like and it is a paying job. Ambassador Program in Roblox was a feature which permits both free players and also Builders Club members to obtain more tickets. This program was actually released on April 22nd, 2009 with the extension of 32 more character and in-game colors.

You as a Roblox player needed to post a Roblox link to another website and each link would award all players 2 tickets per domain. With three active links, then the Ambassador badge would be given. There were hundreds of Roblox players who received the badge and also a gift and it costed 2000 Robux later on. Also, a cap was set for all player to prevent abusing the system. The max was set to 50 links.

On April 22nd, 2009, the Ambassador badge was released and then it was discontinued on March 6th, 2012. Administrator Gordonrox24 announced on October 14th, 2014 that the ambassador badge would be deleted and removed from all profiles as well. This option was met by heavy criticism by the community.

In this program, being an ambassador was easy and here are the steps to be an ambassador.

  • First, you had to visit the Roblox Ambassador Program page. You were able to find a link to this page from your My Roblox page beside the picture of your avatar.
  • Then, there would be some HTML code for a link in the textbox in the middle of the page. The thing that you do was to post the code to another website on the internet.  When you posted the code, it must be exact or it will not work at all.
  • Then, you had to paste the URL of the page your link appears on in the box above the Submit Link button. It needed to be Exact page as well since Roblox will look for your link there before they give you credit.

Well, that’s all the steps to be an ambassador. Then, you had submitted your first link and you were able to repeat the above process to be able to add additional links to your inventory.

All of the links that you submitted went into your Link Inventory and here you were able to see all the links that you have submitted. Every link was able to be in one of four states including Running (Green), Pending (Blue), Problem (Yellow), and Dead (Red).

However now, this program is not available anymore. This program has been deleted. So, it is just for your information that in the past there was such program from Roblox. Wait for the other programs and events from Roblox because Roblox will always give you fun things.

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