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There are so many sites, persons, games, or groups which claim that they are able to give you free Robux. You maybe some of Roblox players who believe with it and you want to get it as well. But, some of Roblox players do not think of getting Robux for free because they know that it is impossible.

For your information, actually there is no free Robux. Everything about free robux that you often find such as websites, videos, people, or game. It is scam. Roblox has stated about it in its site. Even there are some forums which discuss about this and they say that free Robux is scam. In one of forums, Quora, there is a thread about it and there is an account that Robux generator for free Robux or sites for free Robux is a scam. In his opinion, the purposes of the sites who offer free Robux are:

  •  To be able to scam your account and take away your Robux.
  •  To be able to steal your phone number so that they are able to spam you with commercial content.
  •  To be able to spam you with advertisements so that those sites can earn a lot of money off ads.

Furthermore, he says that do not be convinced by the amount of the account that spam the same thing because actually they are not players. They just bots which are controlled by the same person.

One of the sites which offer free Robux is rbxnow.gg. If you often access websites which offer free Robux, you are able to realize that the system and also the appearance of those sites are almost the same. To get Robux, you usually have to complete offers.

If you access rbxnow.gg, you can see that the site has some menu includes Home, Earn Robux, Referrals, Hourly Giveaways, Promo Codes, and Language. Even in the upper right side of the site, there is Connect Roblox Account button which is in red colour. Then, when you scroll down, you will be able to see there are three steps that you have to do to earn Robux including:

  •  Complete offers
  • Earn Robux
  • Cash Out Robux.

To get free Robux in this site, you have to click on Earn Robux menu and then there will be a pop up window where you have to enter your Roblox username. After that, you are able to click on Connect Account button. Then, you will be brought to a page where there are a lof of offers. They include Robux Wall 1 (Top Earning), Robux Wall 2 (Easy Offers), and Robux Wall 3 (Fast Robux). You can choose one of the offers and the do what it requires from you.

Well, you can see that rbxnow.gg looks like real. But, there are several things that make you think whether the site is real or not such as you can enter random username when you login and also the appearance of the site which is not trusted in several corner. We do not really sure that this is a scam or not. But, if we rely on the statement of Roblox, this site is a scam. So, for your safety, it is better for you to avoid this site because the legal ways to get Robux is by buying it and selling items.

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