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What do you think when you hear about free Robux? Do you believe with it? Well, if you are new players in Roblox, you surely join with the event to get the free Robux. But, if you are old players, you may think twice because you have heard that some sites who offer free Robux are scams.

One of the sites that offer free Robux is RBX GG which can be accessed at rbx.gg. You are able to try to visit the site. When you visit the site, you are able to see that the background of the site is beautiful and even there are three Roblox characters in the main page. The appearance of the site is very simple. It has main menu in the upper part of the page. The menu includes Home, Earn, Faucet, Withdraw, Purchase and Discord. So, you are able to click on the menu based on what information that you need. Then, in the upper right of the page, there is a login where you can login to the site.

They claim that everyone can get free Robux from RBX GG by following these steps.

  • You need to sign up if you have never made an account there. But, if you have an account there, you can login by click on Login.
  • When you login, you have to enter your username and also your password.
  • After entering your username and password, you have to click on Sign In button.
  • Then, you will have to fulfill the offers such as completing surveys.
  • After completing the offers, then you will get points.
  • The points that you get can be withdrew from Withdraw menu and then the points will be converted into Robux which are instantly paid out with the user-friendly system.

In the lower part of the site, you can also read that RBX GG is a site which is focused on awarding free Robux. They will pay out the highest rates out of all their competitors and it is guaranteed to satisfy you. In addition, they also claim that RBX GG is safe and free to use.

Well, do you know that the most sites which offer free Robux are scams? Okay, Roblox states in its site that there is no Robux generator. If you find Robux generator, it is a scam. The system of RBX GG is also the same as Robux generators where people can get free Robux by entering username and completing surveys. So, when you want to try this kind of site, you need to be careful. Even though they claim that they are safe and free and also they show you good reviews and comments in the site, you need to know that in this era there are bots which can produce comments, reviews and other things automatically and it looks like real.

So, you can try RBX GG if you want to prove whether it is real or not. But or course, you have to be very careful because some sites who offer free Robux can give you malware, or ask your personal information to steal your account. It is better for you to get Robux by legal ways. But, if you want to try, it is better to try it using your fake account.

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