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What item do you want to get now? There may be an item that you want to get in Roblox. However, you may think that it will be good if you get it from promo so that you can get it with discount or even for free. How to get Aquarium Hat? What is promo for this item?

Aquarium Hat in Roblox catalog is an item which was uploaded by ROBLOX. This is an accessory which is exactly a hat and the Roblox ID of this hat is 1599022750. This item has been favorited more than 10k times and if you try this hat, you are able to see that this hat is not on the head of your avatar but, the head of your avatar will appear in the aquarium like a fish. So, it is very unique. In the description of this hat, it is written that with this hat it can officially declare the age of aquariums! Then, it is also written that now let the sunshine in as you party on to the seventh house.

This hat was published by Roblox into the Roblox catalog on April 6th, 2018 and this hat was able to be obtained as a prize during the Atlantis event. What is it? Atlantis event is a sponsored event on Roblox and it was begun on April 17th, 2018 and ended on May 1st. In this event, there were six prizes to get which were able to be found in three different games. The games were Tradelands, Disaster Island, and Sharkbite. If you wanted to get Aquarium Hat in this event, you had to be the first person to get the treasure chest during the Chest Chase round in the game of Sharkbite. For your information that this Atlantis event is a sponsored by McDonald’s Happy Meal with the phrase ‘Balance Your Fun!’.

As mentioned earlier that the appearance of this hat is very unique. This is a clear box aquarium filled with blue pebbles, some fish and decorations. If you wear it, your head will be in the aquarium as a part of the aquarium decoration. As you are also able to see above that promo to get this hat is through playing Sharkbite games and then you have to be the first player who find a treasure chest during the Chest Chase round.

Unfortunately, even though this hat is very unique and you may really want to have it, now this hat is not available anymore. This hat was available in-game on April 17th, 2018 until May 1st, 2018. If you try to search it in the Roblox catalog, you are able to find it. But as you are able to see that you cannot have it since the BUY button is not active which means that it is not for sale and you are not able to buy this hat.

So, when there is an event and the prize is unique and interesting, make sure that you do not miss it so that you can own the prize like this unique hat. But, do not be worried, there are still more unique hats that you can find in the Roblox catalog and even there are still more events in Roblox that will be held.

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