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On Roblox, you are able to add poster in your building. For example, when you are playing Bloxburg and then in that game, you build a house and also a cafe. Then, you need some poster image to decorate the buildings. To install the poster images, you will need the IDs.

Image on Roblox is used for graphical elements like decals. Decals are category if item on the site but they are not able to be accessed in the catalog. You are able to create poster images whenever you upload a T-shirt, decal shirt or even pants. But for administrators, they are able to create an image directly without having to create a decal, t-shirt, shirt or pants. If you use Roblox Studio to add a picture to a Decal from your files, the image will be uploaded automatically.

Where can we find the ID of an image in Roblox? The ID of an image is the number that you are able to find in every image link. Now, what kind of pictures that you want for being used? Here, we have some Poster Image IDs that you are able to use.

  • 388255011 for Happy Rainbow and Happy Cloud Poster.
  • 781756271 for Mona Lisa dab.
  • 716438261 for Outline Girl.
  • 911189953 for Xoxo – Queen.
  • 775630644 for Motorbikes and bikes only sign. In that poster, there is “Parking Only” words.
  • 457077747 for Fun Rules for Kids Play Area. In that poster, it is written “Fun Rules: be this tall, no screams, look our for snakes, no alcohol, no diving, no hiding, and we will find you.”\
  • 1053863342 for Manics Grafiti.
  • 447270778 for Birthday. In that poster, there are words says “Happy Birthday to me… Yay!
  • 910907047 for Xoxo – Down. In that poster, there is a girl wearing a cap while looking down.

If you need some posters for your cafe, restaurant or you need posters in the food theme, we have some recommended posters for you and here are the IDs.

  •  1066521396 for Pinewood Cafetaria New Menu. In this poster, there are some food, drinks and desserts including the price. So, it can be suitable if you put this poster in your cafe or restaurant.
  • 97700489 for Lunch2. In this poster, there are some snacks completed with their price such as Slice of Cake for 1.50, Fresh Cookies for .50, Frozen Yogurt for 1.00 and some more.
  • 335993359 for Taco Bell Breakfast Is Coming Advertisement. In this poster, it is real picture of some food.
  • 961408914 for Bloxburg Restaurant. In this poster, there are some food including the price. The food includes Hot Foods such as Hot Dogs, Burgers, Tacos, Pizza, Pie; Breakfast such as Pancakes, Toast, Crisps, Beans; Drinks such as Hot Coco, Cola, Bloxaide; Fruits such as apples and bananas; and Deserts such as Ice Cream, Crisps and Pie. This poster is also suitable for your cafe or restaurant.

There are still more Poster Images that you are able to find and use. For more, you are able to find it in Roblox or you can also access some videos on Youtube. In the videos, you will be able to see the IDs and also the posters that are generated by the IDs.

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