Most Powerful Weapon and Sword in Roblox

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One of the great features on Roblox is its Roblox catalog which is stocked full of Roblox items you are able to use to customize your Avatar/character. On Roblox catalog, you will also find a wide variety of gear items. In this article, we are going to share the most powerful weapon and Sword in Roblox. Just look at the text below.


the Noir Periastron Psi is the very best weapon that you are able to buy in the Roblox catalog. It is very affordable, coming in at a few thousand Robux. This weapon is a very unique sword. If you use this weapon, it darkens the entire map with an eerie hue when you press the Q key. It can increases your Robloxian’s speed by 40% and makes you invisible that allow you to sneak up on your enemies.


By purchasing for R$100,000+, you are able to can own this Dual Darkhearts. If you use this sword, this sword will make an intimidating and powerful storm which instantly kills you and deals 40% damage to your adversaries when you tap your Q key while clicking your left mouse button. Dual Darkhearts are mostly used as a last resort weapon once all other efforts have failed and you want to make a statement on your way out, while damaging and might taking your opponents with you.


You are able to purchase this sword for R$500. Although this is cheap, but it is a Builders’ Club exclusive. This weapon is easy to see why when you look at its stats. One single is going to devastate your opponents, but it is capable of much more. You are able to hold down the left mouse button to charge the sword up. Then, a blue bar will appear. After it’s full, allowing go of your left mouse button will release a powerful gust of wind that blows your opponent away. This deals a large amount of damage and also removes your opponent’s hat.


This is another dual-themed sword. The dual Venomshanks is a long-range sword that instead of inflicting typical damage, poisons your adversary and inflicts damage each second until they die or are healed. By pressing the Q key, you are able to deposit a puddle of deadly acid on the floor that will harm any players who carelessly stroll through it.


According to the research, this is a classic piece of Roblox weapon that has been around for years. The Windforce sword can push your enemies back with a big gust of air, yielding a relatively small amount of damage (10% health per blow). Aside from that, the Windforce is a status symbol more than anything else, especially since there are only 100 in circulation and only a few people selling it on the market. So, you have to be prepared to pay a hefty price.

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