Most Creepy Games on Roblox

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Do you play games on Roblox? What is your favorite genre? It is romance, science-fiction, horror, roleplay, survival, or anything else? Among the genres, a lot of players love to play horror or creepy games and it can rise your adrenaline.

Creepy games are the best kind of games. This one is the collection of creepy games to play from Roblox. You will be able to find the creepy games to play with your friends, creepy games to play by yourself, and so on. For those who are looking for the most creepy games on Roblox, here is the list for you.


Lightness is the name of the game created by Narutoworld on October 27, 2013. This one is known as the sequel of Darkness as it is created by Mad Studio as well. In the game, one random person is selected to be the light. As for the other players, they have 450 seconds to survive. If you press W on the keypad, you will be able to wear the night vision goggles so you are able to see where the light is. However, please take a note that wearing the night vision goggles will waste the battery and their eventually it will have to reload. In addition, pressing Q once you wear the night vision goggles will turn it off so it can reload quicker.

High School Horror Story

High School Horror Story can be described as the game created on EmoRedKid on April 10, 2011. In the game, all the player have to solve the mystery of the high school massacre in order to win. Before the BC of EmoRedKid ran out, the players could win the game and gain the badge as well as earning one upon entering the game. Every player of the game is able to purchase the VIP gamepass in order to access more features such as transforming into a ghost. Apparently, the game was completely resigned on March 2013. It was to ensure a more horrific feeling to the game. In the newest version, the new dynamic lighting and the new flashlight has been added to ensure a more horror feeling.

Shot In The Dark

Shot In The Dark was known as the horror game that was made by the group named Paradox. It had three gamemodes, Shot in the dark, where the player is selected to have a gun and have an option to reveal it and kill someone or secretly kill someone, who did it, where one is murderer and every player should vote who killed the person, and Russian Roulette, where players took turns to point the gun and their head and wish not to get killed. Unfortunately, it has led to controversy among the fans of the game.

Which creepy games on Roblox mentioned above that you want to try? In order to find out more about the most creepy games on Roblox, do not hesitate to visit Roblox.

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