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Masqueraze is a really well-known myth due to the Shadelight Investigation that held by the RM Foundation. You have to know that Masqueraze is the fifth and last key for achieving the Shadelight. Masqueraze is revealed to be an embodiment of a sinister mask. According to the myth Bobbys_Here, Masqueraze is not human. For your information, Masqueraze is a purple mask with golden outlining and ruby eyes. Masqueraze holds a Dream Horn that corresponds with his color scheme along with a purple and black garment.

When you are at this page, you may want to know about the code of Masqueraze. Apparently, lots of people who look for this information. But, unfortunately, there is no sources that give exactly the code for Masqueraze Statue. If you go to Roblox Wikia and then visit the page of Masqueraze, there is also no information given for us about the code for Masqueraze Statue.

You have to know that Masqueraze is one of the statues for Chuck’s basement. Masqueraze has means Wisdom. Once the Chuck’s basement is entered by walking straight, you are going to meet a closed door which say “Darkness Incarnate” and the door will open. Upon entering the Chuck’s basement, automatically you are going to have a flashlight. Now, you have to press 1 and do not forget to click on your screen to use it. Please remember that it does have a battery life though.

You are going to see the area beyond. It is a maze with the rooms randomly and several rooms being empty and several rooms having something in them. There, you are going also to see a hall where you are able to go down that will have a face on a wall at the end of it and saying “Darkness Incarnate” to make it open automatically. So, it is going to do the same for the next door. However, there is a third door, and there is nobody knows the code to it and only Chuck_Lloyd who knows how to get through. Next, in one of Speedy’s videos, he met Chuck’s daughter, Louyen. Then, Speedy convinced her to give up the third door code but it has most likely been changed.

The door codes to the statues for Chuck’s basement as the text below:

Chuck = Sorrow

Father = Love

Ulifer = Anger

Terroah = Fear

Masqueraze = Wisdom

The statue codes are as follows for Chuck’s basement (those codes are case-sensitive):

Chuck = Darkness Incarnate

Father = A darkness in the light

Ulifer = Unknown

Terroah = Unknown

Masqueraze = Unknown

So, we are able to conclude that it is only Chuck_Lloyd who knows Masqueraze statue code. Until now, there is no sources give the code for Masqueraze statue. To  get more information regarding Masqueraze statue code, you may can join with the forum of Roblox community to share and discuss it. Or you can also search more information by visiting the page of Masqueraze, Chuck_Lloyd, or Chuck’s basement on Roblox Wikia.

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