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In the world of the game called Lumber Tycoon 2, there are 20 woods that you will be able to found. Each of the wood comes from different tree. Please read the entire article to get to know more about it.

The first Lumber Tycoon 2 wood is Oak Wood. Oak Wood is one of the most common kinds of wood in Lumber Tycoon 2. This one can be easily cut with every axe, except the Candy Cane Axe, and can be easily found in the Main Biome and the Mountainside. A lot of players usually use this kind of wood as the first source of money, and is worth more than Elm Wood. Aside from that, Oak Wood is also usually used for building due to its easy harvesting.

The second one is called Cherry Wood. Cherry Wood is the name of the most widely used kinds of wood in the game. this one is able to frequently spawn in the Cherry Meadow, the name of the spot in the Main Biome where the tree spawns in the great quantities. Beside, this wood also spawns in places in the Main Biome and in the Safari.

The third one is Elm Wood. Elm Wood can be described as the abundant and widely used species of wood in the game. This one is also the cheapest wood in the game. it grows in the most biomes and is able to be cut by most axes. This kind of wood is often cut up and sold in the Wood Dropoff as the quick way to make money for the new players or used as the plentiful material for filling Blueprints. Even though this wood is huge, it has the least value in the game, even less than the Oak Wood.

The fourth one is Birch Wood. Birch Wood is such the ideal balance between value and time to harvest. This one is the ideal option for those who are looking to farm for money and the popular option for building, for its smooth and elegant color.

The fifth one is Lava Wood. Apparently, Lava Wood is the only one to grow at the peak of the volcano. This one is arguably the mains source of all money making in the game, aside from Phantom Wood and Gold Wood.

The sixth one is Walnut Wood. Walnut Wood is the name of the species of wood that grows exclusively in the Safari. A lot of players tent to not sell this wood because of its low monetary value and aesthetics.

The seventh one is Koa Wood. Koa Wood can be described as the large variant of wood that can be found exclusively within the tropics. This one is mostly used to fill in the blueprints, rather than to sell it. The main reason behind it is because it is not the profit making source and has the unique color.

Some other woods are Fir Wood, Pine Wood, Gold Wood, Zombie Wood, Palm Wood, Cavecrawler Wood, Spook Wood, Sinister Wood, Phantom Wood, Snowglow Wood, Pink Wood, Test Wood, and Grey Wood. If you want to know about them, you can visit Wiki.

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