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Louis Vuitton is known as the name of the French fashion house and luxury retail company. This one was founded in 1854 by no one than Louis Vuitton. The LV monogram of the label shows up on most of its products, raging from the luxury trunks and leather goods to ready to wear, shoes, watches, sunglasses, books, jewelry, and accessories.

A brand called Louis Vuitton is one of the leading international fashion houses in the world. This brand is really popular. Everyone knows about Louis Vuitton, even the players of Roblox. in the world of Roblox, there are a lot of items labeled as Louis Vuitton. They vary from the shirt, T-shirts, bags, pants, and so on. In this article, you are going to be informed about the Louis Vuitton pants Roblox.

Most of Louis Vuitton pants on Roblox consist of the main design of the official Louis Vuiton logo, which is the LV monogram. This one is an italicized, serif, capitalized, set slightly to the left and bottom of the capitalized V symbolizing the initials of its founder. Under the symbol, the word “Louis Vuitton” was also written. Here is the details of the Louis Vuitton pants on the platform.

The first one is Louis Vuitton pants created by a creator named Chic Desing. This one was updated on February 07, 2017 by nazdra. The Roblox ID of this item is 645353195. The design of this Louis Vuitton pants is very basic with the LV logo and else. As for the color, it has the traditional color of LV which is brown. If you want to get this pants, fortunately, you are able to buy it by spending R$ 5. Do not forget that you need to log in to Roblox to purchase something.

The second one is Louis Vuitton pants by kinglovelol13. This one was updated on July 15, 2016. The design of this pants is not that different compared to the first one. What makes it looks special is the color of it. when the usual LV pants have the brown color dominated the pants, this one has white color. The Roblox ID of this item is 456994589. Unfortunately, this item is not currently for sale.

The third one is Louis Vuitton pants by ### house Free admin. The Roblox ID of this item is 1268356712. For those who love simple things, this one can be your best choice. When most of Louis Vuitton pants have the logo all over the pants, this one has only the logo around the belt and the rest of the place is black.

The fourth one is Supreme + Bape + Louis Vuitton Pants by Atticus Clothing Store. As you can see from its name, this pants is really unique as it is the combination of three of the most popular brands in the world. Rather than looking like the Louis Vuitton pants or Supreme pants, this one looks more like a Bape pants as the logo and the colors of the pants are so Bape. The Roblox ID of this item is 1341644360.

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