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Tools are the objects that can be equip by a Humanoid object. For the players, they are stored in the Backpack object parented to a Player object. In the game, the players have multiple tools that appear as the icons at the bottom of the screen. Equipping the tool move it from the Backpack and into a player’s Character in the Workspace.

By default, the tools are held in the right hand and have a handle in them which is a Part called “Handle” inside (Although one is not required if the tool require handle is off). The tools that are to be provided to respawning players ought to be stored in the StarterPack.

On desktop, pressing a number key (1, 2, 3…) is going to equip a tool. Equipped tools can be dropped into the Workspace by pressing Backspace. Of course, it is recommended that you turn off “Tool.CanBeDropped”, so it is not possible to drop a tool, die, respawn and drop again to duplicate tools. On the gamepads, LB and RB buttons are going to equip tools. In this case, you are able to disable activation via left click (or right trigger on gamepad) by setting on “Tool.ManualActivationOnly”. By doing so need that you call Activate yourself through some sort of other user input.

You have to remember that tools are not the only way to capture user input. You are able also to use ContextActionService, UserInputService or Player:GetMouse. If you need a Tool to have multiple actions, such as pressing a key while the Tool is equipped, you have to use ContextActionService’s BindAction and UnbindAction in the Equipped and Unequipped events, respectively. Use a LocalScript send these actions to the server via a RemoteFunction inside the Tool.

Grip is one of tool types. The Grip property stores the Tool’s Grip properties as a single CFrame. This includes the Grip/Up|Up, Grip/Forward|Forward, Grip/Right|Right, and Grip/Pos|Pos properties. The grip properties are used to position how the player holds the tool. Unlike the grip properties that it stores, this property is not visible in a tool’s Properties window in the Studio. Regardless, it is able to be set and retrieved using a Script or Local Script. In order to change a tool’s grip properties, you should either use a Script or Local Script or a Studio plugin such as this one.

The code below insert’s a tool named “Stick” into the LocalPlayer’s BackPack. Once the player pressed their left mouse button and activates the tool, so the code will print the values of the tool’s grip properties.

local tool =“Tool”)

tool.Name = “Stick”

tool.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Backpack

local handle =“Part”)

handle.Name = “Handle”

handle.Parent = tool

handle.Size =,3,.1)

handle.Color =, 88, 75) — Brown








If you want to know how to use tool grip editor, so you are able to watch a video on YouTube entitled “Roblox Tool Editor Tutorial”. That video was published by Jaflanson G on June 25, 2019. On that video, the publisher explain how to use the tool grip editor including equipping and moving.

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