How to Look at Deleted Roblox Accounts

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When you open this page, you may seeking for information about how to look at delete Roblox account. Is it alright? If you are seeking for that information, so you are able to continue to read this entire article because in this article we are going to discuss about that.

Apparently, there are also some other Roblox players who are looking for this information. They said that currently there are many inactive Roblox account. Of course, there are many reasons why those Roblox account be inactive. Some reasons are because those Roblox account got banned or maybe those Roblox account never play game again in a full year.

So, how to look at deleted Roblox account? When you want to know whether your friend got banned or not, easily you will be know by talking to your friend. Then, you are able to see how your friend has a white box or a grey box. If your friend has a white box, so it may indicates that your friend was terminated or removed on Roblox platform. Actually, simply you are able to see a deleted Roblox account once you cannot access their profile anymore. Now, let us try to visit one of your friend. Once you are seeking his/her Roblox profile, but you cannot find his/her Roblox profile, it means that his/her Roblox account was removed in Roblox platform.

Talking about this, you may want to ask us, are deleted Roblox accounts really completely removed from their Roblox database and do not exist anymore after a certain period time? Do anyone know of any cases that removed Roblox accounts are re-activated or unbanned after a long time? Well, let us discuss about that. We get information from someone who removed in Roblox platform. He said that he do not believe that his Roblox account was removed completely from the system or database of Roblox. In this case, he said that it does not exist because of the following reasons:

  • He still can login his Roblox account with the correct password and cannot with the wrong password that means the whole account still technically actually exists.
  • His Roblox account even says YongTr 13 plus at the top-right, it means the settings of the Roblox account are still saved.
  • He heard of a glitch occurred before a few years ago (It is about 15 February 2017) which all terminated Roblox accounts’ profile are visible to be everyone that means all terminated accounts are still in the database and system of Roblox.
  • It is still possible to check the terminated account’s friends list by visiting this link; (!/friends)
  • The terminated account’s games are still available and not removed.

Based on that case, you may will be think that a permanent banned Roblxo account is only locked up by showing an “Account Deleted” message to prevent access and the Roblox profile or content is just hidden. So, it is why we cannot see a Roblox profile of our friend when his/her Roblox account terminated.

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