How to Improve Roblox Graphics

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Having a game with an amazing graphics is one of the dreams of Roblox users. If you have the same dream, you must check out this entire article. The information to improve the Roblox graphics in this article was taken from the Youtube channel named SaltyJerry.

Let’s say in your game there is a reflective water which is a part of the Roblox terrain. You can start with adding stuff to lighting. There are two options of the Lighting which are Bright Blue Sky and Bloom. If you try Bloom you will get the high quality bloom. Then, you will be able to see the light coming through the trees. You are recommended to not to change the setting but you can do it if you want.

The second effort is to add the sun rays. This one can make the sun more realistic. You can do it by selecting InsertObject and then selecting SunRaysEffect. By doing that step, you can start to see that the game looks better. The next thing is color correction. Right now, there is not really a use for it, but there will be a use for it later on. in order to do this, choose InsertObjects and then choose ColorCorrectionEffect. This step will make the option of ColorCorrectionEffect displayed on the Lighting option. Please press this option and tweak the color that you want. It does not matter if it is red, blue, yellow, green, or else.

The third one that you can do is to change how the water looks. If this sounds interesting ti you, you can choose Terrain and then choose WaterColor. The color also vary from green, red, purple, and so on. Just click the color that you want and click OK. Aside from the water color, you are also able to change the water transparency by clicking the number that you want and it will be changed immediately.

The fourth one is to change the water wave speed and water wave size. For your information, both water height and speed can determine calm ponds to rapid waves. If you want to change the water speed, you can select Terrain and select WaterWaveSpeed. When you change the number, the water speed also will be changed. If you want to change the water wave size, you can select WaterWaveSize instead of the WaterWaveSpeed.

The fifth one is to change the time of the day. First of all, select Lighting and then select TimeOfDay. You are able to set what time the graphics to look like. If you set it to 12.00, then, it will show you the day time and if you set it to 22.00, it will show you the night time. In this part, you can also use the ColorCorrection in order to make it more vibrant by doing the steps to change the ColorCorrection that have been explained before. For better explanation about how to improve the Roblox graphics, it is better for you to watch the video.

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