How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267

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When you try to play games in Roblox, not all of the things can go smoothly. Sometimes, we can find some problem that is annoying enough. One of the problem that you may have faced is error code 267. You are enjoying playing a game and then this error comes up. It is surely annoying and you want to know how to fix it.

Based on Roblox Fandom site, this error is categorized into a common game client error. This error can happen when you are playing a game and then suddenly you get a message which can be:

  • You were kicked from this game: Frame timeout (Error Code: 267)
  • You have kicked from the game (Error Code: 267)
  • You were kicked from this game: You’re moving a bit too fast (Error Code: 267)
  • You were kicked from this game: Out of Sync (r10005) (Error Code: 267)

This error can happen when you are kicked from a game session or if an in-game administrator kicks you. It can also happen because a script causes you to be kicked or you go too fast so that it is possibly to fast for Roblox to load.

So, from the reasons above, we can know the reasons why we get the error from the reasons that come up in the error message. For example, if in the error message says that you are kicked because you use script, it means that you have to take the script off. For your information, in Roblox there are some games which has anti traps so that when you play the game and then you use a hacks or exploit, the game can detect it and then automatically the game gives you the error message.

This error can also happen because it is a ban through a group through the game. A Roblox user stated that he also experienced this error and from his experience and then performed a lot of tests, he conclude that this error is a ban through a group through the game. For instance, in State of the Firstone, he was in two groups that were banned by ID in the game. Then, he left one group but he still get the error. Then, he left both groups and then the error went away.

This error can also happen because the game that you play is in place with a private group so that you need to join the group and then be accepted. After you join the group, accepted by the admin and then you are allowed to play the game by the admin, then you will not get this error anymore.

So, when you get error 267, you have to check the message that appears in the error message so that you can know the exact reason of why you get the error and are kicked from the game. If you do not get the exact reason from the message, you are able to try to fix it by using the methods above one by one starting from getting rid of your cheats or exploit, leaving the group and joining a group of the game. If you still face the problem after doing these solution, you are able to ask Roblox administrator by sending them email at

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