How to Code a Roblox Game

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You have to know that Roblox uses a programming language called Lua. Actually, it is similar to JavaScript, but is less powerful in certain methods, and much easier to use, hence Roblox selecting it over JavaScript. Throughout this tutorial, you will not only learn how to code a Roblox game and to script or program in Roblox, but also learn how it works.

Roblox uses Lua to create the games. Most of the features you can see in Roblox including the GUI and building tools are actually coded in Lua. Well, firstly, we will explain how to code or create a game in Roblox platform. Just look at the text below.

  • You need to click “Create” in the blue bar at the top of Roblox website.
  • Then, in the My Creations tab, you have to click “Games” if it is not already highlighted.
  • After that, you are able to click “Create New Game”.
  • Next, please select the settings and templates for your new creation or game.
  • The last, simply you just need to click “Create Game”.

This is going to bring you back to the Create page you were at previously. Next, you are able to go ahead and make the game public now, if you want, or you are able to wait until you have already done some work on it. For starting building, you have to click the Edit button to the right of your new game’s entry in your Games list. For note: You are able to create a new game at any time, but it cannot be enjoyed by other Roblox players until it is made public using the “Make Game Public” process.

As we said before that Roblox uses Lua to create the games. Now, we are going to explain how to setup script. Now, you are able to start by opening Roblox Studio. Then, you have to make sure that you are at the Output by going to View and click at Output. Next, go to the Explorer and the Properties. The last, go to the Command Bar. For note: It is easier to Script with the Run without character option “Run” instead of “Play”. To switch, you are able to click the down arrow underneath the “Play” button, and chose the Green arrow, as opposed to the Blue arrow with a Roblox avatar.

By the way, how to create a script? Actually, this is relatively simple. You are able to make a new game or edit one with Roblox Studio, for this example lets make a place called “testplace”. After that, lets right click in the Explorer box Workspace, then Insert Object and please choose Script. You do not need to be confused with a Local Script (will be explained later). This should put the script within Workspace. Next, you are able to double click on it to view its source (the code to be executed). The following will appear like this: print ‘Hello World!’. To get more information regarding how to code a game in Roblox, so we suggest you to join with Roblox Community forum.

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