How to Add Roblox Generator Bot

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You may have seen accounts which contains of a lot of comments or posts and then you find that those posts are not created by human but bots. Usually people use bots to make their accounts look like active and real. Sometimes, they do this also to attract other people to give comments to their posts.

Bots in Roblox are accounts which post on threads automatically and usually it is done to increase post count. Some of them are aimed to post troll replies. If you find bot outside of the forums but still on Roblox, it can refer to message advertisement bots and it is done to get users from a popular game messaging them to join a group, buy an asset, or play a game. Actually, botting is against the rules of Roblox. However, some Roblox players are still using it.

Bot is an internet bot which is a software application which runs automated tasks over the internet. Usually, it performs tasks which are simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone. You can find certain bots which count from 1 to whatever number you put in its script. But, this only can work in a thread and there are others which permit you to post certain posts and these posted in random threads the user clicks on.

If you use bot and then  you are caught, you will get punishment and it vary depending on how long and how much you have been using bot. If you have been using a bot for a long period of time, you are able to get punished for it. But, if you have been using the bot regularly, you can also get punished for it.

If you want to add Roblox bot threads, here are the steps.

  • You have to open up a thread, copy and paste the URL so you have 2 tabs of the same thread.
  • Then, on the first thread, you have to inspect element on the “Add a reply” button and then go to “console”. At the bottom, you have to paste the code that you can find in pastebin and the link can be found in the video of DoubleBox entitled How to Bot A Roblox Thread.
  • If it says “(Roblox Thread ID)” you have to paste the ID of the thread that is in the URL there.
  • If it says “Hello world”, you are able to change that to whatever you want it to say.
  • Then, do not refresh or close the tab you did the inspect element on.
  • You will not be able to post on other threads since your bot is running and posts before you.

You can watch a video of DoubleBox entitled of How to Bot A Roblox Thread to know this process. Also, you can watch other videos about bots such as a video of pa entitled How to Add Roblox Discord Verify Bot, a video of GamersInternational entitled The Rise of The Generator Bot (Roblox), a video of FireWolf-Gaming entitled How to Make a Help Bot in Roblox Studio and many more.

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