How Much Mobile Data Does Roblox Use?

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Roblox is a place for kids and adults to play games. There, they are able to explore any genre of games such as military, fighting, naval, medieval, horror, town and city, FPS, Sci-Fi, and even comedy. If you have never played games in Roblox and now you want to try it, you maybe want to know about the mobile data that Roblox use.

It is normal when you want to know how much mobile data that Roblox will use if you download the Player and then play games in the app. As we are able to see that Roblox has a good quality of games and you may think that it will spend a lot of mobile data.

If you want to play games in Roblox, you firstly have to download the Roblox Player into your device. You do not have to be worried about the devices that you have because Roblox can be accessed by using any devices including Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon devices, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. How about the mobile data that we use to download Roblox?

Roblox download size constantly increases when developers patch and update the game. It is still small if we compared to the download size of other online games. Here are the Roblox download sizes for all platforms as of March 2019.

  • In Windows, the download size of Roblox is 170 MB.
  • In Mac OS, the download size of Roblox is 168 MB.
  • In iOS, the download size of Roblox is 126 MB.
  • In Android, the download size of Roblox is 78 MB.
  • In Amazon, the download size of Roblox is 78 MB.
  • In Xbox One, the download size of Roblox is 265 MB.

To keep the game’s tiny download size, Roblox updates are usually small. For your information, game developers in Roblox might make more often and bigger updates to game modes but updates that can affect all modes are less common and generally it does not change all that much.

How about mobile data that we will use when we are playing games in Roblox? Some Roblox players find that they use about 300 MB of data per hour playing Roblox and it is far more than a game like Minecraft uses. Some other players find that they use almost 100 MB of data per hour playing Roblox. So, it depends on what things that we explore in Roblox.

There are some factors that can affect the data use in Roblox.

  • The Number of Players. It can have a big effect on how much data that you use when playing Roblox. The data include some information such as the content of chat logs, current location and status of each player. If in the game there are less players, you will use less data as well.
  • A Higher Frame Rate. It can refresh the game more often you can exchange more up to date data with other players in your game.
  • The Server Tick Rate. It also can affect your data use. If there is a 128-tick server, it will refresh the game 128 times every second and it will use about twice as much data as a 64-tick server which refresh the game 64 times every second.

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