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The song of “Houdini” is a song by American indie pop band named “Foster the People” from their debut studio album Torches. According to the research, the song of “Houdini” was written by the group’s frontman Mark Foster. It was first released on April 1, 2011 as a promotional single exclusively in the United Kingdom.

Houdini Song was released as the album’s fifth single on May 15, 2012. It is featured on the soundtrack for video game SSX and in the episode “Yes, Then Zero” of Gossip Girl. Then, the song of Houdini appeared in the 2012 film LOL. It also appeared in the TV shows Awkward and Suits. Talking about Houdini Song, you may want to know information about the Roblox ID for Houdini song. If you want to know it, just continue to reading this entire article.

Now, in this article, we are going to share Roblox song ID for Houdini. You have to know that Houdini song Roblox ID is 2214372248. After you know this, then freely you are able to add this Houdini Roblox ID into a game you want to play in the platform of Roblox. As we know that in Roblox, we not only can play the game but also we can listen to the song while we are playing the game in Roblox. So, if you like Houdini song and want to listen to the sonf while you playing the game of Roblox, you do not be hesitate to add this Houdini Roblox song ID into your game.

If you are a new Roblox player, you may still be confuse how to add the song into a game you want to play. You do not be sad, here we are going to explain its way. At the first step, of course you need to visit the official site of Roblox. After you reach at the homepage of Roblox, then, you can log into your Roblox account. The next step, you need to select a game you want to play in Roblox. After you find a game, just click on that game.

In this step, you can enter Houdini song Roblox ID. But make sure that the game you select allow you to add a song. If the game allow you to add a song, just continue to enter the Roblox song ID for Houdini. You should re-check and make sure that Roblox song ID you just entered is correct to make you can play the song successfully. Now, you are able to click on the “play” button to get the song of Houdini started playing. Finally, you are able to add Houdini song Roblox ID into your game.

In addition, if you want to get more Roblox Song IDs, so you are able to search its information from other sources. Or simply you can also find that information from other article in our website. In the previous article, we ever shared about Roblox song IDs.

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