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Free users are known as the players on the platform called Roblox that do not have Builders Club or Robux. Most of users on the platform are playing for free. Among them, those users are known as NBC or Non Builders Club Members. Due to the lack of the official icon for NBC, some users create the unofficial ones.

Apparently, the free users are severely limited on privileges. There are some restrictions in place such as unable to create shirts and pants, unable to sell clothing, unable to buy certain things or items in the Roblox Catalog, unable to use BC Beta features, unable to use the trade system, unable to create groups and can only join up to 5 groups, no daily login reward, 90% tax when selling items, and unable to receive Robux without getting Builders Club.

Some people think that having the free account is boring. Those restrictions mentioned above are clearly not fun. In this case, a lot of free users are looking for the Roblox account give away. There are a lot of Roblox account give away that you will be found on the Internet. One of them is made by a Youtube channel called SeeDeng. SeeDeng is one of the most favorite channels that often give Roblox account. The account given by that channel is usually the alternate account. What is the alternate account?

The term alternate account refers to the additional account belonging for the user that already owns the main account. There are some reasons why the user like SeeDeng may create the alternate account, including:

  1. No sniping
  2. In order to play Roblox without being followed by the other users and the chance to be interviewed if being the popular user
  3. As the second account to complete the multiplayer challenges with the owner
  4. As the group account, even though technically not allowed by Roblox rules, to have the group place or group information
  5. For spam alts that are alts with the inappropriate usernames that do not get used a lot
  6. In order to make the inappropriate game and then get its alternative banned then donate to the actual main account.
  7. In order to troll the other users and to avoid the possible server of the game bans
  8. In order to get another account in case the user forgot their password
  9. Extra account if the main account is stolen, hacked or banned
  10. In order to show the free Robux or BC scam without being banned
  11. In order to exploit without getting the main account banned. However, this one is able to backfire if they get IP banned
  12. Users under 13 that want a 13+ account or vice versa
  13. All the players who look like a beginner but are actually good at the game

Usually, the main reason to hunt the Roblox account is to get the Robux. In order to get the given Roblox account, you need to do something. A lot of Roblox account give away are scams so please think about hunting the give away twice.

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