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Mercury: Retrograde or just Mercury is the name of the song by Ghostmane, an American rapper and singer. It is the first single off the HEXADA album. The title of the song is based off of the astrological notion of the Mercury Retrograde period, in which all things linked to the god Mercury (communication, devices, travel) do not go according as planned.

Furthermore, each 88 days is the Mercury Retrograde period, regardless the actual year. As Mercury only needs 88 days to circle the sun, there are perspectives in which it shows up, that mercury is moving retrograde. Apparently, these periods of time always have the great meaning in occultism.

Ghostemane Mercury is also the response to disses fom Schemapossem, specifically NEMESIS, who create the diss track named Ghostelame,which itself was the response to the diss created by Ghostemane known as Leprosy.

For those who want to have Ghostemane Mercury featured in Roblox, first of all, you need to find the Roblox ID of the song. Some of the Roblox IDs for Ghostemane Mercury are 1150734114, 1083429812, 2598961618, and 1221486886. Feel free to choose any Roblox ID of Ghostemane Mercury that you want as each of them is the same.

In fact, some people are looking for the Roblox ID of the bypassed version of Ghostemane Mercury. For those who are not familiar with the term “bypassed”, it  can be defined as the sound engineering. Aside from that, this one is also known as source direct or tone defeat. basically, it is like a  feature on a piece of audio equipment which will allow the audio effect such as bass and treble controls to be bypassed, leaving the sound unaltered by the equipment. Unfortunately, there is no Roblox ID for Ghostmane Mercury so you can just use the original version instead.

If you want to know the other Roblox IDs of the same rapper-singer named Ghostemane, some of them are 752814403 (Hades), 2517837632 (Nihil (Prod. By Ghostemane)), 611451131 (Andromeda), 2473478993 (Nihil), 550365543 (John Dee), 713072615 (1000 Rounds Pouya x Ghostemane (clean)), 807379496 (Tartarus), 1468437298 (Hack Slash), 1040353586 (Drown), 1014223601 (Pouya – 2000 rounds with Ghostemane), 1217253908 (Caligula), 1040315030 (Palehorse), 1351628161 (Venom / 1930), 483967760 (Leprosy), 1095925982 (Drown), 1723166011 (Hexada), 1086850081 (Niagara), 1653309090 (Kybalion), 2027618385 (Ghostemane x Suicideboys x Jgrxxn – Seppuku), 3114357218 (Sqeeze), 664173201 (The Whole Where My Head Once Lived), 2018599681 (Elixir), and many more.

If you want to know more about the other Roblox IDs of the songs by Ghostemane, you can visit the official website of Roblox. Aside from that, you can also visit the sites that provide the Roblox ID of the song such as Roblox ID, Music Coder, and so on. After finding out the Roblox ID, it is time for you to add it to Roblox. Before anything, remember that you have to make sure that the game that you choose is possible to use this kind of feature to add the song or audio. Please contact Roblox Support if you have any question.

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