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Discord is like the chat for gamers. This one is the app designed to help gamers talk to each other in the real life. Everyone in the platform usually use the emojis to make the chat more interesting. Talking about the emoji and Discord, there is something called emoji server Discord. There are a lot of emoji servers in the Discord. Here are some of the best for you.

The first one is Discord Emoji and Servers. This one is the best way to find emoji to use on Discord. Currently, this emoji server has 82,990 members and 169 emotes. The top bots in this server is Pokecard (it will allow you to catch, train, and battle Pokemon while talking to your friends in Discord), Mudae (25,000 anime or game characters to claim and fight), and Waifubot (claim, train, rate, and fight your Waifus or Husbandos). The second one is Kawaii Server. This one is a very cute server with 2 global emotes and 400 local emotes. This server has 70,401 members and 506 emotes as of August 13, 2019. The top bots in this server are Nadeko (the general purpose bot featuring a lot of game), Mantaro (customizable music and fun bot with games and currency), and Tatsumaki (a bot providing the social aspects including member profiles).

The third one is Panda Emoji 2. This one is the second hub for Panda related emotes. There are 10,680 members of this emoji server. The top bots in this server is Gaius Cicereius. The fourth one is 100 Anime Emotes. This one has 12,720 members and 96 emotes. The top bots in this server is Discord Server List. The fifth one is Lost In Potato. This one is the chill Discord server with the cute pink potatoes. It has 14,184 members and 110 emotes. The top bots in the server are Tatsumaki (a bot providing social aspects including member profiles) and Rythm (a fully functional and stable music bot specially made for music. The sixth one is Emoji Server Links. This one has 7,433 members and 34 emotes. The top bot in this server is UB3R-BOT (mainly the utility bot and a bit grumpy as he is 13 years old). The seventh one is Milk and Mocha Emojis. This one has the high quality Milk and Mocha emojis. There are more than 140 emojis in this server and still counting. Right now, the server has 7,378 members and 184 emotes. The top bots in this server are MEE6 (the most easy to use Discord bot), Dyno (the fully customizable bot for your server with a web), and Shiro (the multipurpose bot featuring more than 600 reaction anime gifts, and so on).

If you want to find more emoji servers Discord, you can go to the official website of Discord Bots. this one is the emotes Discord servers. You are able to find emotes servers with tags you are interested in. As you are interested in emoji, then you can find through the “emoji” tag.

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