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Even though using exploit is forbidden, however there are still people who want to use it when they play games in Roblox. You may be one of them so that now you are looking for some information about Dex script. Where can we find Dex script? Let’s find out the answer.

Let’s find out the meaning of exploit firstly. It is the use of glitches and software vulnerabilities in Roblox and this thing is done by Roblox players. The do this with a purpose to change the game so that they are able to earn points/ money for an advantage which is unfair. The activity of exploiting is actually banned and a player will be banned if they caught. Exploits have a lot of types including BIN Injecting, Lua bytecode, Lua Wrapping, Proto Conversion, Lag Switching and DLL Injection.

Now, how about script? It is a base-class instance which holds a section of the game and it is coded in the Lua language. Normally, script will run automatically and has access to the server events and properties. When you use exploit, you will need script.

If you are looking for Dez Explorer V2, you are able to download it in In that site, you are able to download a lot of exploits such as Gravity Switch, Multiple RBX Games, ESP, JJSploit, Proxo, Skisploit Red, Nonsense Diamond, Infinite Jump, Furk OS, Dansploit, Chaosity and many more. Even there, you are able to find DLL Injector, Extreme Injector, Shutdown Timer, Lagswitch, NOPDE Engine and Exploit API.

If you are looking for Dex script, you are able to find it in This site is a place for everyone to save and share everything. Usually, Roblox players find and save the script there. If you search the Dex script in, you will be able to find a lot of results such as Dex 3.0, Dex Explorer | Script, Dex Explorer V2, Dex V3 Rasp, Dex Explorer, Dex Explorre test script and many more.

Here we have a part of the Dex 3.0 from

function sandbox(var,func)

local env = getfenv(func)

local newenv = setmetatable({},{

_index = function(self,k)

if k ==”script” then

return var

Here is the part of Dex Explorer | Script from Pastebin website.

local Dex = game:GetObjects(“rbxassetid://418955355”)[1]

Dex.Parent = game:GetService(“CoreGui”)


local function Load(obj, Url)

local function GiveOwnGlobals(Func, Script)

local Fenv = {}

local RealFenv = {script = Script}

local FenvMt = {}

FenvMt._index = function(a,b)

if RealFenv[b] == nil then

return getfenv()[b]

You are able to find the detail of these scripts in and there you are also able to find more scripts that you need. It can be Dex or any others.

Well, if you are looking for some threads about Dex script because you want to discuss about it more, you are able to visit some forums such as V3rmillion, Devforum Roblox, Club Dark, and many more. In V3rmillion, there is a thread entitled (Script Version Added) [Release] (Dex V2 Explorer) (Made By Moon and Rasp). In Devforum Roblox, there is a thread about it entitled Dex Exploit Detection Script.

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