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Da Hood is a game in Roblox where the players can choose to be the cops or criminals, and do their respective tasks to level up. Both cops and criminals have the same main goal. Their main goal is to survive and see the next day. If you like playing the game of Roblox Da Hood, surely you will want to know the list of active codes that you can redeem to get rewards. Do not worry, here we will share that information for you. So, do not hesitate to check it out below.

A list of Da Hood Codes

The game of Roblox Da Hood is created in 2019. Since that time, until now, there have been lots of Da Hood codes released. However, these days Da Hood codes are quite rare. Usually, there are only one or two codes available at a time. To get rewards, you need to ensure that the code is still active. And, you need also to check back regularly to see whether any new Da Hood codes have been added.

Da Hood Codes

Da Hood Codes 2023 (New and Active)

Here is a list new and active Da Hood codes:

  • 2BVISITS: Redeem code for 200k Da Hood Cash (New code).
  • @DAHOOD: Redeem code for 50,000 Da Hood Cash.
  • Secretcodeinmain: Redeem code for 100,000 Da Hood Cash.

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Da Hood?

In the previous paragraph, we share a list of new and active Da Hood codes. Now, you will want to try to redeem it. If you want to redeem codes in Roblox Da Hood, you can follow these steps below.

  • At the first step, you can open Roblox Da Hood on your PC or Mobile device.
  • After that, click on the Treasure Chest button on the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, you can copy an active Da Hood code from our list above.
  • Afterwards, paste the code into the “Enter Code here” text box.
  • Lastly, you can hit the “Redeem button” to claim your reward.

Da Hood Codes (Expired)

Roblox Da Hood codes can be expired. So, you must redeem Roblox Da Hood codes as soon as possible to enable you to claim your rewards.

In addition, here, we will also share expired Da Hood codes including its rewards.

  • 4LEAFCLOVER (20k Da Hood Cash)
  • GOLDPOT (10 Crates)
  • allstar3k (A Fish Shotgun Skin)
  • militarybase (100k Da Hood Cash)
  • 1MLIKES (1 million Da Hood Cash)
  • LunarNewYear (200,000 Da Hood Cash)
  • MLK (300 Da Hood Cash)
  • HappyNewYear2023 (250k Da Hood Cash)
  • RifleWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • RevolverWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • SMGWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • ShotgunWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • P90Winter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • TacticalShotgunWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • FlamethrowerWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • DrumWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • DoubleBarrelWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • GlockWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • AugWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • Ak47Winter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • RPGWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • LMGWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • SilencedGlockWinter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • SilencedAR15Winter2022 (100k Da Hood Cash and a Wrap)
  • BACK2SCHOOL (An Exclusive Back to School Marker, x2 Crates and Da Hood Cash)
  • HAPPYHALLOWEEN! (Halloween AR and 10k Da Hood Cash)
  • WASHINGMACHINE (100k Da Hood Cash, 7 Premium Crates, & 2 Random Marker Knife Skins)
  • ACCOMPLISHMENT (200k Da Hood Cash, 5 Premium Crates, & 5 Knife Crates)
  • AUGUST2022! (Knife Skin Crates and Da Hood Cash)
  • DHSUPRISE! (50k Da Hood Cash, 10 Crates, & 8 Premium Crates)
  • #FREED (50k Da Hood Cash)
  • 2022JUNE (Some Crate Rolls)
  • June2022 (250k Da Hood Cash, 3 Premium Crates, & 5 Regular Crates)
  • FIREWORKS (100k Da Hood Cash, 5x DHC Crates, 5x Fireworks and 5x Premium Crates)
  • Freepremiumcrate (a premium crate roll)
  • Easterdahood (a free crate roll)
  • Stars (1M Da Hood Cash)
  • DHUpdate (3M Da Hood Cash)

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