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Finding script for Roblox is not an easy thing including script for doing exploit. However, we have to say thanks to some websites and forum which provide exploits and also scripts. Even though these sites does nor provide all of what we need, however, they exist.

If you are looking for script, one of sites which can be relied on is Pastebin. Have you accessed this site? This is a website which allows you to store and share any text online. Programmers usually use this site to save pieces of sources code or configuration information. A lot of people besides programmers also use this site to store the things that they think will be easier to share. For gamers, usually they put script in this site so that it can be easier to share.

Now, you may be looking for Cypher X and you do not know where you have to go to find it. You are able to try to find it on Pastebin. You are able to try to search in your browser by entering the keyword Cypher X Pastebin so that the results of your search will be directed to Pastebin. When we did it, we get some results.

One of the results of our search about Cypher X is Cypher X which was posted by a guest on July 17th, 2019. Now, this script has been seen more than 200 times on Pastebin and here is the part of the script.

if game.PlaceId == 455366377 then

    print(“Currently Playing The Streets”)

    print(“Waiting for player to confirm…”)




undecided = true

continue = false


local CypherX =“ScreenGui”)

local MainFrame =“Frame”)

local Title =“Frame”)

local Streets =“TextLabel”)

local Cypher =“TextLabel”)

local Version =“TextLabel”)

local Frames =“Frame”)

local Credits =“Frame”)

local TopText =“TextLabel”)

local TweenExecutor =“TextButton”)

local ScrollFunctions =“ScrollingFrame”)

local Lol =“TextLabel”)

local Paste =“TextLabel”)

local Channel =“TextButton”)

local ImageLabel =“ImageLabel”)

local Dev =“TextLabel”)

local Synthionized =“TextLabel”)

local MainOne =“Frame”)

local ScrollFunctions_2 =“ScrollingFrame”)

local Energize =“TextButton”)

local olo =“TextLabel”)

local Aimbot =“TextButton”)

local InfinYield =“TextButton”)

local Combat =“TextButton”)

local InvisShotty =“TextButton”)

local Planks =“TextButton”)

local AntiKnock =“TextButton”)

As we mentioned above that this is just the part of the script. If you want to know the complete script, you are able to visit Pastebin website. Then, if you think that if this script is the script of Cypher X that you are looking for, you are able to copy it on Pastebin website and then paste it.

The information about script and exploit is usually limited. One of the reasons may be because the act of exploit is forbidden since it can ruin the system which has made by the developer of games . So, if you want to know more about Cypher X, other scripts and exploit, you are able to ask about it on forum or groups such as devforum, v3rmillion, scripting helpers and some others sites.

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