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Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive, which is also more known as Counter Blox ESP can be described as the FPS shooter based off of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This one is created by ROLVe Community on September 28, 2015 and decommisioned on July 28, 2018.

In the game called Counter Blox ESP, there are some maps, factions (terrorist factions and counter terrorist factions), controls (in game and spectating), weapons (terrorist weapons, counter terrorist weapons, and knives, and so on. Counter Blox ESP is different compared to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Some of the differences are the weapon animations, the spray patterns, the prices of the weapons, and many more. You can check out its page on Wiki for the further information.

Counter Blox ESP cannot be seaparated with Counter Blox ESP script. For those who are looking for the scrip of Counter Blox ESP, you can visit Pastebin. Pastebin is like the master of the script. This one provides all the scripts, including Counter Blox ESP script. There, you might find more than one script related to Counter Blox ESP. In this article, you will be able to see the script of Counter Blox ESP posted by a guest on November 18, 2017. Apparently, this script has been visited 15,517 times. Here is the script:

1. –[[

2. Release by Rain on V3rmillion

3. Do not mind the header intact in order to encourage future script releases


5. Name: cbrohacks.lua

6. Author: Autumn

7. Desc: Hacky hacks for bad FPS players like me


9. Enjoy!


11. Usage:

12. – Press Backslash to toggle the ability to see players through walls (“chams”)

13. – You have to hit Caps Lock in order to toggle auto-aiming

14. – Press Right Alt once then start firing blindly in any direction to kill and make the server angry (“opk”)

15. a

16. Aimbot Options:

17. – Press Left Bracket to switch to instant aiming mode (extremely accurate, very obvious)

18. – Press Right Bracket to switch to smooth aiming mode (eased camera movement, very natural)


20. ]]


22. do –SIGHT

23. local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer

24. local allsguis = {}


26. local enabled = false


28. local dohax = function(lbplr)

29. wait() –make sure the character exists

30. if not lbplr.Character then return end

31. for _,obj in next,lbplr.Character:children() do

32. if obj:IsA(“BasePart”) then

33. local sguis = {}

34. local snew = function(…)

35. for _,face in next,{…} do

36. local sgui =“SurfaceGui”,obj)

37. sgui.Enabled = enabled

38. sgui.AlwaysOnTop = true

39. sgui.Face = face

40. table.insert(sguis,sgui)

41. sgui.AncestryChanged:connect(function()

42. for i,v in next,sguis do

43. if v == sgui then

44. table.remove(sguis,i)

45. sgui:destroy()

46. End

That script of Counter Blox ESP by a guest is not complete. If you want to know the complete version, you can just visit the official website of Pastebin. Aside from the complete script, Pastebin also provides the RAW paste data. You can download, print, or copy and paste the script on Roblox later.

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