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Now, you are probably playing Chuck Lloyd Basement and then you are stuck because you do not know the codes to enter some doors in that game. So, we are going to help you by informing you about the codes that you can use in the Chuck Lloyd Basement game.

Speedy uploaded a video and in that video, he shows that he met Chuck’s apparent daughter named Louyen. In that meeting, he convinced her to give up the third door code but it has most likely been altered. So, here are the codes of the door to the statues for Chuck’s Basement.

  • Chuck = Sorrow
  • Father = Love
  • Ulifer = Anger
  • Terroah = Fear
  • Masqueraze = Wisdom

Then, for the codes of statue for Chuck’s Basement can be seen in the list below.

  • Chuck = Darkness Incarnate
  • Father = A darkness in the light
  • Ulifer = Unknown
  • ¬†Terroah = Unknown
  • Masqueraze = Unknown

When you play this game and then you enter the basement by walking straight, you will be able to find a closed door. Then, in that position, you have to say “Darkness Incarnate” and then you will be surprised that the door is opened. For your information, when you enter the basement, you will have a flashlight automatically. You need to press 1 and then click on your screen so that you are able to use it. You need to know that the flashlight does have a battery life though.

The area is a maze with rooms which are random. Some of the rooms are empty but some of them have something. You will also find a hall where you are able to go down that will have a face on a wall at the end of it. You have to say “Darkness Incarnate” and then it will be opened. You also have to do the same for the next door. However in the third door, nobody knows about the code to enter it. Then, who knows the code? Chuck_Llyod is the one who knows it. But now, you do not have to be worried about it because we have revealed the codes in the second paragraph above. So, you can use the codes above to open the third door.

Chuck basement is actually a game which was created by Chuck_Lloyd on December 16th, 2017 and on November 14th, 2018, this game was last updated. This game can be played by 10 maximum players in each server and it is categorized into All Genres. Now, this game has been visited 133.4K times and also has 71 favorites.

Do you know who is Chuck_Lloyd? If you check his Roblox profile, you are able to see that now he is wearing Sinister Zombie, and also Suit. He has only 6 friends but has more than 111K followers. The group on Roblox that he joins is Roblox’s Myths and now this group has more than 127K members. Roblox Badges that he has are Veteran, Homestead, Bricksmith, Builders Club and Welcome To The Club. Player badges that he has are Welcome, to The Circus in the Sky!, Clowning Around, Hanging in there, and Welcome to the RM Foundation. It is known that he joins Roblox since June 22nd, 2016 and now his place has been visited more than 2 million times.

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