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In Roblox, you may want to know whether a player has tool equipped or not. However, the problem is that you do not know how to check it. So, how to do that? We are going to try inform about it but first let’s find out what Equip Tools and Unequip Tools are.

EquipTools will make the Humanoid equip the given Tool. If  this function is called, the humanoid will automatically unequip any Tools which is now has equipped. Even though they will be equipped, it is important for you to know that Tools for which Tool.RequiresHandle is true will not be able to function if they have no handle, without  if this function is used to equip them or not.

Now, what is UnequipTools? It can unequips any Tools which are now equipped by the Humanoid. The unequipped Tool will be able to parented to the Backpack of the Player which is connected with the Humanoid. You need to know that if there is no Tool which is equipped, this function will not do anything. Even though Tools are able to be equipped by NPCs, this function is able to work only on Humanoids with a corresponding Player.

Now, you may want to know how to check if player has tool. In the, there are some questions about it. One of the questions is how to check if player has tool. In this question, someone says that he is trying to check if a player has a certain tool that is given to them in game. Basically, player clicks part, player gets tool and then player needs said tool to get past checkpoint. At that time, he is checking for tool with player.Backpack:FindFirstChild(“ToolName”) but it does not work. Then, he noticed that if he gives tool to player with dev console tool:Clone().Parent = player.Backpack, when he check for tool it will returns true. But then, when he gives in game script as below:


tool:Clone().Parent = player.Backpack


the check returns nil. After that he tries to give the player the tool using both server and client scripts, though in client he could not even get the tool in the backpack of the player. Then, another participant try to answer this question that what he has done is correct. But, when he has a tool equipped, it is a child of the character so that he can try this. If you also find the same problem as this, you can try the script that you can check in the devforum in a Questions page about it.

In another page of DevForum, there is also a question about How to Detect If A Player has A Tool Equipped. If a tool is equipped, it is parented to the character model. Vice versa when it is removed. So, you have to add child function in combination with the IsA() function to verify is a tool is equipped. Here, you can do it from localscript.

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local Character = Player.Character or Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()


if NewChild:IsA(“Tool”) then

–a new tool is equipped

— NewChild is the tool equipped



–then to detect if the tool is unequipped you do the opposite


if RemovedChild:IsA(“Tool”) then

–the tool is unequipped

–RemovedChild is the tool unequipped



If you still have any questions regarding to check if player has tool equipped, you are able to access and

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