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If we talk about Roblox, perhaps we just think about an online game platform. Evidently, Roblox is not just about a platform, but it is more than that. You may think that Roblox just provides tons of games and features inside. But now, you have to know that Roblox offers something useful for everyone.

Indeed, Roblox will give you a chance to get professional career. Probably, you are so curious to know more about careers Roblox. If so, it is better for you to keep staying on this page to know the answer.  To share you about this case, certainly you cannot be separated from the jobs that you can get at Roblox.

For the last few times, Roblox has built the next generation of entertainment in which it focuses on the game development and also the application. In fact, Roblox is so kind to accommodate many creators of game and apps to gather in one platform, that’s Roblox. To be more precise, Roblox can be called as a space to support game creators to distribute their talents and interests in gaming field.

For that reason, Roblox are hiring for imaginative, smart, diligent, creative, energizing and customer-focused people to join with team of over 400 mission-driven Robloxians. The other mission of Roblox is committed of creating an environment intellectually, rigorous and a lot of fun on each interest. Besides, Roblox is not just to attract people to play Roblox, but also Roblox are building worlds, communities, tools and career at all. Roblox hopes to make everyone able to connect deeply with others in one space interactively.

Then, if you are so interested in gaming field, definitely you must consider to join with this platform. You do not hesitate to join because there are many posistion that you can take based on your skills and knowledge.


  • Executive Assistant
  • Front Desk
  • Senior Content Engineer
  • Senior Director Moderation
  • Senior Marketing Manager
  • Senior Technical Recruiter
  • Talent Sources


  • Engineering Manager
  • Technical Director
  • Audio Software Engineer
  • Automated Test & Tools Engineer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Backend Web Engineer – Developer Services
  • Backend Web Engineer – Distributed Systems
  • Database Engineer
  • Engineering Manager – Avatar, Client Engine, Growth, Safety Tool and Intel, and Studio
  • IT Engineer
  • Game Networking Engineer
  • Many more

HR/ People Team

  • HR Generalist
  • People Operations Analyst
  • Technical Recruiter


  • Data Science Intern
  • Design Intern
  • Engineering Intern
  • Product Management Intern
  • Software Engineer – New Grad


  • Paralegal
  • Senior Privacy Counsel


  • Principal Product Manager Avatar
  • Principal Product Designer Studio
  • Principal Product Catalog
  • Product Manager – Player Apps

Roblox China

  • Developer Relations – Community Manager
  • Developer Relations – Community Technical Lead
  • Director of Customer Service and Moderation
  • Head of Developer Relations

If you are passionate in this field, joining to career Roblox is totally not bad at all. It also talks about the benefit that you can get after joining with Roblox. However, Roblox offers a robust and comprehensive program as the members’ needs. One thing that you can consider is to have a chance in getting the reward given by Roblox.

Certainly, you will need more information about this topic. Well, you can visit to get more for detail. Make sure that you will consider to join with careers Roblox soon. Good Luck!

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