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A lot of websites in the internet which offer free Robux using generator or even free Builders Club using generator. Is it safe? Is it true or just a scam? We are going to inform you about it so you have to keep reading this.

Builders Club is a membership in Roblox which is premium. If you have this membership, you will be granted extra privileges in Roblox that cannot be gained by those who are non Builders Club members. There are three types of Builders Club including Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club and Outrageous Builders Club. If you want to have it, one of the methods is buying Roblox card that can be bought at retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, EB Games, Walmart and many more.

You can also buy Builders Club from Roblox directly and it is important for you to know that the price of each Builders Club is different because each BC will give you different advantages. Classic Builders Club is a membership which was released on August 16th, 2007 and it was the first membership that was released on Roblox. It costs $ 5.95 per month or $ 57.95 per year. Turbo Builders Club is a membership in Roblox which can give you all of the liberties of Classic Builders Club and also some extra features. It costs $11.95 monthly or $85.95 annually. Outrageous Builders Club is a membership which can give you all of the liberties of Classic and Turbo Builders Club and with even more features. So, the benefits of this membership will be more than the other two BC memberships. It costs $19.99 monthly or $129.99 annually.

If we use Builders Club generator, is it safe to do? It is important for you to know that Builders Club generator with survey or no survey is not safe because usually this kind of site is a scam. They just want to get advantage from you. One of the Builders Club generator that is no survey is In this site, they claim that everyone can get free Builders Club membership and it is no surveys, downloads and passwords. If you want to get Builders Club in that site, they claim that you have to click on an ads in that site page and you have to wait for it to load and the go back. After that, you have to enter your Roblox username in the username box which is available in that site as well. And then, you will be able to select your preferred level of Builders Club and then click on Submit.

It is better for you to avoid this kind of Builders Club generator because it may be dangerous and it just wastes your time. The thing that you can do if you want to have Builders Club membership is buying it from Roblox. If you want to try the Builders Club generator with no survey above to prove whether it is really a scam, it is better for you to try it by using your other Roblox account to avoid the harm of it.

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