Bloxton Hotels Security Training Guide

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Bloxton Hotels security trainer guide is the name of the guide for the security trainer that will train the security of Bloxton Hotels. Here is the details of the guide. Please read everything and explain to the trainees later.

The first thing that you can do as a Bloxton Hotels security trainer is to greet and welcome the trainees. Then, introduce yourself and tell them that you will be their security trainer for that session. You can say something like you are really pleasure to meet them and hope everyone is having an amazing night or day. The next thing that you can do is to explain the vital information about the things that the trainees need to know about the job. Before the session starts, do not forget to ask them to save all questions for the end. It is also better for the trainees to take notes on the thing that you state.

These followings are things that you will explain as a Bloxton Hotels security trainer to the trainees.


As the security, they are going to patrol the hotel, keep an eye on disruptions, and preserve the game from rioting and haters.


When joining, the security will spawn with a few items such as handcuffs, the segway, a staff card, a trolley, a spray bottle, and a vacuum.


The handcuffs are for catching people with III warnings, chat bypassers, major spammers, and exploiters. In order to arrest someone, the security should hold the handcuffs out and click on the torso. Tell them that some things like jumping, spinning, and putting into walls can be identified as cuff abuse. If they are caught abusing, punishments will follow. While cuffing, it is easier walking backwards than forwards. In order to uncuff, the security can simply click the ground or the wall.


The segray is used to catch the exploiters and people with multiple warnings if they are running away from the security. There are some strict rules about abuse or the segway and those include using the segway to spin in circles. Having races, and constantly running into people. Actually, it is fine to run into people as long as to not do it on purpose. If the security do it, then they need to apologize. Once again, the security can get suspended or demoted if witnessed abusing the tool.

Staff Card

Actually, the staff card is not in the inventory of the security. This one can be seen on the blue box, under the shopping cart. It is able to be used for getting into a room where a troller with III warnings is hiding or dealing with someone who has intruded the room of another guest. At that time, the guest will ask for assistance. The security may use it to help them if they ask.

Trolley and Vacuum

Trolley and vacuum are for housekeeping only. Both of them are roleplaying tools.

Spray Bottle

The spray bottle is able to spray anything. The security should be sure to not abusing it by spraying people constantly.

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