Bloxton Hotels Receptionist Trainer Guide

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Bloxton Hotels receptionist trainer guide is the name of the guide for the receptionist trainer that will train the receptionist of Bloxton Hotels. Here is the details of the guide so please read everything to excel it.

First of all, you can greet the trainees and say that you will be their receptionist trainer. Before the training starts, you can ask them to welcome the assistants. Aside from that, you can also ask them to save all questions for the end and you will answer them all later as you are busy copying and pasting.

Then, you explain the job as receptionists. As the receptionist, the main job is to give out rooms, and fulfill guests needs. They need to treat the others the way the others would like to be treated. Some guests may be rude, but this is not the reason to be rude back to them. If a receptionist is caught being rude to a guest, he or she may get a warning or suspension or demotion.

One of the most important things to do as a receptionist is greetings. When a guest arrives to the lane, the receptionist should start with a nice and friendly greeting. the receptionist can say hello and say his or her name. Then, ask the guest if they need something. When they are leaving, do not forget to say thank you for choosing the Bloxton Hotel and hope to see them again. The emojis included can be different.

The next thing that should be informed is about the uniform. Apparently, the uniform at Bloxton Hotel is to be worn at all times. If a receptionist being caught on shift without it may end up in the suspension or demotion. The staff uniform will spawn on the avatar when the receptionist walks into the staff area. As a receptionist trainer, please tell them that the MR+ uniform is to only be worn by MR’s or HR’s. If a receptionist caught wearing it or impersonating staff, it may lead to consequences.

After explaining about the uniform, you can explain about the warning. While working at Bloxton Hotel, the receptionist will come across many trollers, exploiters, and many more. In order to deal with them, they can use the warning system. It means that they give them three warnings until a kick. Some of the warnings are WI (disrespecting staff), WII (spamming), WII (rude), and so on. The third warning will have a security come over and cuff.

The receptionist spawn with four tools. The first one is the briefcase. This one is for RP reasons only. The second one is trolley. This one is for housekeeping, but is respawned with everyone. The third one is spray bottle. Once again, this one is for for housekeeping, but is respawned with everyone. The fourth one is vacuum like the others. It is for housekeeping, but is respawned with everyone.

Beside all the thing mentioned above, some other things that should be explained are the method of giving or taking rooms and the promotions. In the end of the training, you can thank the trainees and the assistants.

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