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School is one of new features which is said that will be added to Bloxburg together with Pets. However until now, there is not further information about it. So, will it be added? If it will be added, when players can enjoy this new feature on Bloxburg? Let’s find out the answer.

In the Bloxburg Wikia, you are able to read the statement of mikedop which says that school building and pets are both planned features but now Coeptus has been focused on bigger priorities. So, it seems that we are not able to expect these updates any time soon which means that there is no exact date when these features will be added. In addition, in Bloxburg Wikia, the new features which will be added are not only school building and pets but also implementation for Programming and Crafting skills.

If you access Bloxburg Wikia Blog Post, you will see a writing of EliteWolf Animates about the reasons of why Pets, School Building and some more new features are not coming anytime soon and this writing was published on August 27th, 2019. We know that we want new features such as pets, school building and more on Bloxburg. However, we also need to know that we never see Coeptus adding these things until now. Some reasons of why Coeptus does not add these features until now are explained below.

If you create a new feature, it will take time. So, making schools, pets and some other new things on Bloxburg will take a long time to develop. There will be several steps that must be done by developer such as planning, scripting and building which will take a long time.

Besides, there are some distractions. Currently, Coeptus is distracted working on the assets in Build Mode. A majority of these asset updates are suggestions from the community so he listen to the community. Coeptus is also busy patching bugs and giving the game more stability, an essential part for Bloxburg is to be stable.

We also know that even though we want new features on Bloxburg, but we also realize that we do not really need these new features for now. Actually, these features are not very important for being available on Bloxburg for now so that there is no reason to be added right now. Even, the available features on Bloxburg now are still very fun to explore.

In addition, it can cause a lot of controversy. One of the controversy is that school, pets and other new features does not apply to non roleplayers and some of these non roleplayers even have stated that they would consider leaving Bloxburg if a school is added due to how much Bloxburg will explode with roleplayers.

So, now you are not able to enjoy School feature on Bloxburg yet since it is not available for now. However, you are able to build School in Bloxburg by the help of Build Mode. You are able to watch some video tutorials of making schools in Bloxburg on Youtube such as Roblox | Bloxburg | School by Ethrielle, I Made A School On Bloxburg | Berry High School | Bloxburg Tour by Amberry and many more.

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