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You may heard that there will be school features on Bloxburg but after a long time this feature does not come yet. Well, there are some reasons of why school and other new features does not come yet on Bloxburg. So, instead of waiting these new features, you are able to try to make your own school on Bloxburg.

If you want to make a school on Bloxburg and you have so many ideas right now, you are able to access Bloxburg now, open the Build Mode and then start to make what kind of school building that you want. But, if you want to make a school building but you do not have any ideas, you are able to search something so that you can get some ideas of making school.

Actually, ideas can come anywhere. One of them is seeing the school buildings which are built by other people on Bloxburg. You are able to school visit on Bloxburg to see the design of school that they make. Then, you can also see the material that they use for making it. In addition, you are also able to watch some video tutorials about making schools in Bloxburg and you can watch them on Youtube. Some videos that you are able to watch are Roblox | Bloxburg | School which was uploaded by Ethrielle, I Made A School On Bloxburg | Berry High School | Bloxburg Tour which was uploaded by Amberry, Bloxburg School | 200k | Roblox Bloxburg Build which was uploaded by KawaiiCupcakeStar, [Bloxburg] School Speedbuild (Collab w/ Kyzrii) which was published by Jetsicar and many more. By watching these videos, you are able to see what kind of materials that they use and how is the look or design of the schools so that you will be inspired.

You do not need to be worried about the materials because you can find it on Build Mode. Build Mode can be found on Bloxburg and it is a catalog of assets and house amenities. You are able to enter Build Mode by clicking your mailbox and after that you can click the Build Mode button. Or, you are also able to access Build Mode by clicking the house button on the bottom right side of your screen when you are in Bloxburg but you can do this only if you are on your plot.

In Build Mode, there are two sections including Build and Decorate. In the Build section, you are able to find Doors, Fences, Fireplaces, Floor, Garden, Mailboxes, Paths, Pillars, Pools, Roof, Stairs, Trash, Vehicles, Walls, Wall Trim, and Windows. In the Decorate section, you are able to find Appliances, Beds, Cabinets, Carpets, Chairs, Comfort, Counters, Curtains, Decorations, Electronics, Household, Instruments, Lighting, Plumbing, Pool Items, Storage, Tables, and Training.

It is important for you who are new in playing Bloxburg that if you want to get the things in Build Mode, you have to pay it. You will be able to see the cost of the items in the Build Mode so that you have to make sure that you have enough in-game money for buying them.

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