All Gun Godlies for MM2 on Roblox

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In the world of the game called Murder Mystery 2, Godly Weapons are extremely rare and are also the most popular weapons in the game and very difficult to get. This article will inform you one of the types of the godly weapons, which is gun.

There are some godlies gun for Murder Mystery on Roblox. Those include Luger, Shark, Laser Vintage, Green Luger, Red Luger, Blaster, and Amerilaser. Please read the rest of the article to find out the details.

  1. Luger is the name of the godly Gun that is able to be unboxed from Gun Box 1. This one was used to craft the red and green Luger. Aside from that, it was also used to craft the Ginger Luger. A thing called Ginger Luger is based off of this knife. Luger has the 2nd most amount of copies in the game, the other being chromas. It is the rarest item to unbox from the Classic Boxes. Currently, it has the highest rarity from all the other classic godlies.
  2. Shark is the name of the godly that can be obtained from unboxing Gun Box 2. Gun Box 2 consists of the guns with different name, type, tier, and chance. In order to buy this one, you need to spend 200 coins.
  3. Laser Vintage is the name of the classic (vintage) weapon. The sentences means it is from the original MM1. The Laser classic one is double the value of Laser godly. This one looks like a gun from Star Wars.
  4. Green Luger was the godly Gun that was able to be crafted in the thing called the Christmas Event 2015. Christmas Event  was the primarily collecting gifts and obtaining the exclusive weapons from them. The moment you enter Murder Mystery 2, it showed the lobby with Snow, Gifts, Elfs, Candy Canes, Santas and Snowflakes falling down above in the lobby. In order to craft it, you needed a Luger and 75 gifts.
  5. Just like the Green Luger, Red Luger was the name of the godly gun that was able to be crafted during the thing called the Christmas Event 2015. This one also needed a Luger and 75 gifts to craft it.
  6. Blaster is the name of the godly gun that was included in the Futuristic Item Pack. Futuristic Item Pack was based off of well-known “future” cultures and the items were exactly based off of the theme. This one was introduced by Nikilis in March 22, 2016. The pack included a Godly knife Virtual, Godly Gun Blaster and a Godly Pet Electro.
  7. Amerilaser is the name of the Godly Gun that originally obtained from the American Item Pack gamepass. American Item Pack can be described as the item pack that was based off of the 4th of July. This one was introduced on July 2nd 2016. This pack included the Amerilaser the Old Glory Knife, and the Sammy Pet. It did not stay for too long as was considered one of the 4 Original Packs.

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